Since we’ve no place to go…

…let it snow!  (Ok, actually, both Bill and I will be running around town this evening, we can do this!)

What a glorious beautiful gift of snow!  It came as fluffy, gorgeous huge flakes that stuck to eye lashes and covered all the ugly brown grass.  Recess was 25 minutes in winter wonderland – the kids were as excited as they are Christmas morning.  The first big snow of the year always brings some level of thrill.  Is there anything that rivals being the first to plunk down a snow angel in fresh snow? 

I read a lot of complaining on facebook – really, complaining about snow the end of November?  Cant hack it?  Wimps.  Feel free to complain in March, when we watch snow come down that will soon turn to liquid run off, filling our rivers to overflowing, requiring heroic sandbagging , which will lead to tired, sore, crabby, stressed locals,  but please don’t start the whine machine in November.  It gets really old!!  Coming down off soapbox now…

My own children we so excited about it, they had the driveway shoveled before heading off to school (pointless, since is continued to snow all day, but I am not about to discourage that!)  Our brilliant teen still found no need for hat or mittens.  Whatever, still not gonna say a word.  Feel free to shovel for the next 4 months.  I bet in January, you are wearing more than jeans and tennies when you are out there, and I wonder how you will feel after Dad gives you your first snow blower lesson tonight?


I am thankful that my hubby put a snow scraper in my van sometime (thanks for always taking care of me!) We came home after school through what some places are saying is a total of 11.5 inches of the fluffy stuff.  Snow that comes down and piles up without being whipped into hardened drifts is a welcome thing here.   Driving wasn’t too bad.  Plows have been out, we know the drill. 


Winter evergreens are as pretty as deciduous fall leaves.  I do love the changing of the seasons.  Happy to see winter come, will be overjoyed to watch it leave.  Life is a continuous cycle.  Welcome, winter!!  But, don’t wear out your welcome.



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