Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, I lived a very different life. 

Ten years ago today, I was overwhelmed.

Ten years ago today, I was older than I am today.

Ten years ago, I was in a hole.


Ten years ago, my leather couch was brand new.

Ten years ago, Rescue Heroes were the rage.

Ten years ago, I had my pink chair, but I used it to hold laundry. Certainly not to sit in.  What was a blog?

Ten years ago, I ate bowls of cereal and call it supper (and breakfast and lunch.)

Ten years ago, I lived in sweatpants, and most likely didn’t even own a pair of dress pants.

Ten years ago, I loved to vacuum because it meant I had picked up all the toys enough to see the carpet.  Musta been a vacuum day for this picture.


Ten years ago, booster seats and food particles were my main dining room décor.

Ten years ago, I didn’t color my hair, probably only got it cut once a year.  Eyebrows?  Really?

Ten years ago, I drove around in a van full of kids and considered it “me” time because I could listen to my music.

Ten years ago, my clothing size made me want to vomit, or go eat something yummy in bulk.


Ten years ago, I was humbled because I depended on others.

Ten years ago, I had a husband who worked his butt off all day and came home to chaos every night. (Still do, different kind of chaos.)

Ten years ago, my dirty laundry pile’s depth was measured by feet.

Ten years ago, JP suffered from Trigger Thumb – yep, look it up.  It resulted in surgery.

Ten years ago.



Ten years ago, I was wondering when I would get a break.  Now, I wish I could go back for a few days and squeeze those chubby cheeks, treasure the time more, and hold these babies of mine close.


Ten years ago today I was…

Mama's Losin' It


I think I might Cry Today












A very sentimental mom today wonders where time has gone. 

The real me

I laid in the hospital bed huge as a house and not just any old house, this one:

Source has a broken link – Bing Search was my source.

Run down, disgusting, a spectacle.  I was puking my guts out, so one poor nurse was holding my hair back while another was holding a beautiful pink plastic puke receptor.   Cold washcloths were first and foremost on my mind but the medical staff was scrambling on my behalf to make all the right decisions to save the lives of my three babies. 

I was only 25 weeks pregnant, not nearly far enough into it for good results if they were born.  JP, only 2, had given me the worst stomach flu I had ever had. I couldn’t keep anything down, let alone the meds I was taking to stop contractions.  They were coming one after another and all I could do is ralph. 

There Bill and I were, trying to hold it all together.  Trusting.  And then it hit Bill.  He quickly joined the regurgitation club and had to head home, leaving me with monitors, catheters, IV’s, in the super comfortable inverted hospital bed. Nurses never left my side.  NICU staff came in to prepare me.  My room was chaos.

But I rested in peace.  Deep down peace.  Staff asked me why I wasn’t freaking out.  I had the with-it enough to give them the truth.  None of this was under my control or theirs.   I knew God was holding my huge over-inflated belly in His hands and He had this one.  I knew we were all going to be ok.  

In the middle of the chaotic life I live, I am at peace.  I am not afraid (except of thunderstorms and crickets.)

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

National Prematurity Awareness Day

Today is National Prematurity Awareness Day.  Yeah, I know what some of you are thinking, “Big deal, there is a national day for everything.”  Every cause has people who fight for it. Premature birth is NOT one of my near and dear causes, but to so many of my friends, it is.  Today, I honor them.

I know why my kids were premature – my body was tapped out of space at 12 lbs of baby and all the extra stuff they required.  No human body is meant to carry a litter.  I don’t question the cause of my children’s prematurity, but some moms are left to wonder why their babies entered the world so early.

I also had a great outcome when it came to long-term health of my children.  Have there been extra therapies and other bumps in the road?  Sure, but I am one of the lucky ones who has not had to deal with long-term huge issues.  So many of my MOM (Mothers of Multiples) friends have gone to hell and back to save and better their children’s lives.  I get why this cause is HUGE for those moms.


Here are my 3 kids the day they were born.  They are my favorite preemies in the whole wide world!!  Today they are strong, resilient, talented, beautiful kids.  I am smitten by the world’s cutest triplets.

Life with Triplets part 3

We are in the sweet spot as a family right now.  The kids are pretty independent and well-trained.  They can help with jobs and actually accomplish quite a bit, get themselves up and ready in the morning and tucked in at night.  Gone are the days of getting up early when they get up and counting down the hours until they are asleep for the night.  Grocery shopping is no longer considered mom time.  The house is just as cluttered, but not as dirty – food no longer lands all over my dining room (part of that credit goes to my dog.)  Bathrooms no longer have potty chairs and stepstools to deal with.  Toothbrushes are in drawers and don’t blink or sing anymore.  The kids can wash their own laundry (not that they do, but they can) and clean the bathrooms.  I can send one to the gas station if I need something.  Oh, happiness. I know the teenage years are ahead of us, I don’t know what that exactly means, but I am scared.

So what is it like right now to have triplets?  Having multiple birth children always means an extra kind of competition.  The name of the game is “who excels at what?”  Grades, test scores, behaviors, friends, activities; all of it gets reported back to mom.  I have worked very hard to bury deep into my kids the understanding that they are all different and will be good at different things, but clearly when you hear things like “You have three smart kids and one dumb kid, and I am the dumb one,”  there is a level of awareness among the three of them that I didn’t have with all my singleton siblings.  (Or maybe it was just because I was so darn good at everything that I just didn’t notice.)  I hope you don’t get the idea that they don’t get along out of this, they do – the girls especially.  I think it boils down to the difference of a singleton vs. a multiple competing against his/her peers – in our case that means against your own siblings.

On the mom side of things, having multiples go through stages of life means being forced to be able to cope with major changes all at once.  I didn’t get to put one on the kindergarten bus and walk home with the little brothers and sisters for another day of life as I know it minus one.  I came home empty handed.  My house went from chaos to deathly silent in a matter of 5 minutes.  When I send them to middle school next fall, it will be a BIG deal.  I will go from 1 there to 4.  No easing in and out of life around here – jump and hope you land upright.  Transitions are very hard emotionally on me because they are realizations the complete stages of our family life are over just like that.  When they graduate from high school and all leave me, I already have a support team lined up to scrape me off the driveway and take me on a vacation to somewhere awesome.

This is my analogy:  Most families trees with four children see their kid branches whittled away slowly, but with multiples, someone takes a chain saw and just hacks the branch down.  Done.  Over.  Complete.  Moving on.

20091219_174522_2974  Whoa – all this long shaggy hair on the boys – yikes!

The ins and outs of raising triplets thus far #2: questions about the first few months

Common questions we have gotten concerning the first few months of life:

1.  Were they in the hospital long? The tiniest spunky thing came home after 24 days and the other two felt left out and pulled it together quickly, both coming home at 28 days.  Really, I think after prolonged bed rest and an extra long c-section incision, hospitals should send nurses out to mom’s houses for months.  In the NICU, the staff taught my kids to suck their thumbs (still paying for that!) and that 8:00 PM is the beginning of party time every night (took a few weeks to break that bad habit!)  It was just enough time for me to get my legs back under me after laying in bed for so long.  I looked like crap (but my hair was sure healthy!) and probably still looked 5 months pregnant when they came home.

2.  Did you have help?  Do pigs stink? 

3.  How did you do it?  Did we have a choice, because if we would have known we had a choice, there were times we most likely would have quit.  Like that one night at 2:30 in the morning when a certain triplet (a boy, but I am NOT naming names) would NOT QUIT CRYING!!  and his mom had had enough.  Or when we really just wanted to celebrate our 5th anniversary at a wedding where James was ring bearer but we couldn’t stay because someone had to help feed three babies and no one else volunteered for the job.  Those kind of moments – the times I would make sure they were all safe, fed, and changed and then put them in cribs and go sit on the front step because I could not listen to them for one more minute.  They say moms only remember the good times – they lie.

4.  Feeding three – explain how that worked.  I have three boobs.  I inherited this trait from my maternal grandfather.  It is that simple.  Bill is a very lucky guy. 

5.  Could you tell them apart?  Well, it was easy to pick Crazy Man out of the crowd for obvious reasons (the same reason that really made us wonder what people were smoking when they asked if they were identical.)  Princess came out with an afro, Curly was hair challenged.  They looked as much alike then as they do now – NADA.   It was pretty easy to tell them from each other; however, looking back at unlabeled pictures, I sometimes cant tell which kid is which.  Oops, bad mom for not labeling each picture. 

The ins and outs of raising triplets thus far #1

Top 5 Questions we have actually been asked about our triplet pregnancy:

  1. Did you plan it? Yep, there is website you can go to and order up triplets.  Among other things you can pick are genders, temperament,  tattoos, shoe size, and future political bent. 
  2. Are they natural?  Nope – part Alien, part plastic.
  3. When did we find out?  Didn’t have an idea until the day we delivered – they just kept coming out and we couldn’t stop them.  But then, duh,  we remembered that order we had put into the website – musta been on back order.
  4. Were you surprised?  For sure we figured they would be puppies, since humans aren’t born in litters, so yeah, SHOCKED! 
  5. Were they born early?  No, actually, it was evening.  I was hoping for earlier in the day, but we had errands to run and just couldn’t get to the hospital any earlier.