Eagle Scout Court of Honor Decor

When our son passed his Eagle Board of Review, I started the hunt for the ultimate Court of Honor decorations.  I am not a crepe paper/balloons kind of girl, I don’t like high cheesy levels, and I want to do things cheap.  I didn’t find much of anything on any website or blog anywhere.  I am sure someone out there has great ideas, but they were nowhere to be found.

I decided to go with natural decorations because of the location of the ceremony.  I probably would have done this regardless of where it was, however, because the other option was red, white, and blue with splashes of yellow and it is hard to use those colors without getting a wee bit too uh, loud or something.  Scouts to me is browns and tans, so we built with those colors.  The most time consuming part was painting blocks with the twelve points of the Scout Law, which are words everyone should live by.  Obviously, we were working on Brave here.  The dining room table was taken over for quite some time with this little project.  We simply cut down 2X4’s into the right heights and lengths, sanded them down, painted a base coat and got to work with the stencils.


Once the blocks were stenciled, we sanded them down, and by we, I mean Bill.  Then we simply watered down dark brown paint about 1/2 and 1/2 and painted a layer over them to make them more rustic.



Layered on a base of burlap, we put a small glass vase with twigs and gold ting ting, and pine cones – both small ones in the vases and large scattered.  The cones came from the farm, so they were special pine cones, not just your everyday variety.



A simple way to decorate.


A Little Crafty Fun



The worst part was peeling all the crayons – Curly wanted naked crayons.



Some blow-dryers melt hotter and faster.



I was slightly busy so I didn’t get pictures of all the hot glue gun action.


Never heard of melted crayon art?  You must not be on Pinterest.  Look up the directions, it is easy and the girls loved it.

Callin’ all Unprolonged Ladies

This here’s a post for the shorties in the crowd.  You know who I am talking to, those who are fun-size or height-challenged or whatever nice way you choose to say, “legs the length of average peoples’ arms.”  (Arm-like legs, wouldn’t you like them to be that skinny?  Oh, that is a whole ‘nother line of thought and I refuse to hop on that train car tonight.  Not when pie making days are right around the corner.)

Jeans!!  Jeans that fit are a rare find, in fact, if you are sententious like me (nope that doesn’t mean genius, although that would apply here as well, it is just another fancy word for short) you are pretty much sick of pants that drag on the ground or having to buy high heels just so your pants fit, thus having to pay a chiropractor to keep your back in line because high heels = advil = blech.   And you know in your heart of hearts that making the jeans shorter has to be an easy thing to do and paying someone to hack them off is just as painful as coughing after stomach reconstruction.  And you think to yourself, “Crap, self, youtube must have a video about how to hem and you are a smarty pants (pun intended) so get yourself stoked, get youtubing, and get those dinggity pants hemmed!!”

So, you find the perfect video: How to Hem Your Jeans with the Original Hems: The Professional Way.  “Professional?  Why yes, that is me now that I have made two things with my new sewing machine.”  I mean, these jeans are like a dream except for one small 5” problem.  I can do this so I can wear them tomorrow on “Thank Goodness it’s Jeansday.”


After pinning and sewing and ironing and reveling in all you have done, you proudly walk out with jeans that look like they were made for your little tiny legs.


People out there, you can do this – PIECE OF CAKE!!  Don’t pay anyone to do this for you EVER EVER AGAIN!!

All you tall girls out there have problems of your own.  I have no advice, except quit wearing high heels around me.  It is some kind of “ism”, I am sure of it.  Heightism.  And it is illegal.

One Step Closer to Amish

Everyone I know has one goal in common, to become Amish-like. 


October was all about learning how to make the perfect pie.  I did it, thanks to my mother-in-law.   The big test will be next week when I have to make five or more in one day.  Anyway, I think my pie ranks up there with the best the Amish can serve.  Or higher.  I am not sure.


This weekend, I upped the ante.  Call me a quilter.  Quilter Deb.  Yep, that is me. 


I can pin the whole thing, stitch in the ditch quite well, and although it looks bad if you look close, I can make and sew on binding.


See that there on the bottom of my bed, the quilt that makes “my room look like a happy place,”  so say my kids?  I am pretty proud of my little flaw-full quilt runner thing.  Lucy better stay off!  It has no place for black dog fur.

Next time we hit the Amish auction, you will see my work hanging in the dark rows of beautiful quilts.  Someone forgot to hit the light switch.


The Pieper girls got in on the crafting action.  I caught one red handed.


The second Pieper lady taught the third Pieper lady how to work the new machine.

20111112_123943_2374     20111112_124001_2375

We couldn’t sew all weekend, and all good girls’ weekends must include tutus and piano socks.


Santa’s elves were very very busy.  More to come, but we can’t give away all our secrets before the gifts are unwrapped.

A Qeekend to Remember

I accidentally hit the “Q” instead of the “W” and I like it better that way.

Bill took the boys on the annual deer hunt opener shindig this weekend.  Yippy for little boys toting guns around the woods.  Boys who built forts in the woods during lunch break.  Guns.  Guns that don’t shoot little BB’s.  In the hands of fort building boys.  A mom’s ultimate heart attack.  Maybe even more than when Crazy Man built the ultimate tree house that was way high off the ground with no safety rails – because now he is climbing trees while toting a rifle.  Be still my beating heart.  I sent them each off with a huge hug and a plea, “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t get shot.”

My girls were at an overnight slumber party.  You do the math.  Ok, I will.  Pieper family – Dad – 2 boys – 2 girls = me home alone!!  On a Friday night!!  I did what all normal moms do.  I spend an hour and a half in the fabric store.  Why?  Because I bought a sewing machine and needed something to sew.  Did I buy a pattern?  Heavens no, why pay money when the internet is full of free stuff.

Here is my new beauty:


Here is how I learned how to cut the bricks and cobblestone pattern:


Winding my first bobbin (which I mostly called “bobber”)


It wasn’t all peaches and cream, I had problems, I am not going to lie.

I guess some people need to say outloud, “put the pretty sides together.”  Oops.


So I had to run to the store to get a seam ripper.  And I bought more fabric. I might see a problem, an addiction.

Also, it is not advisable to text and sew. 


Mistakes happen, but that is ok if you own a seam ripper.


And in the end, you will have a cool bed runner (I don’t know what they are called, but hotels have them across the ends of their beds, so I figured I should too.)


One of these days, if my ADD doesn’t get the best of me, I will finish it.  It will look awesome in my room – just part of my multi-year overhaul.

What have we been up to?

I haven’t been in a Hot Diggity Blog mood for a while.  I guess I haven’t been doing anything more than typical life, and who wants to read about piano lessons, Scout meetings, naps, and stuff like that?

Then fall decoration season and a few hours on my computer surfing blogs got my creative juices flowing and I decided it was time to accomplish something!  Project day always gets messy!





Want your own personalized Scrabble board?  We love Scrabble.  I see a Christmas present for our favorite nursing home Scrabble genius coming out of this project.

So Saturday, I went to bed with the house all messy cuz I was creative and all that, and who has time to clean up after yourself when that is all goin’ on?  Church Sunday morning followed by the 1 PM announcement from JP that we are hosting a Scout leader meeting at 6:30 PM.  Uh, guess what I did the rest of the day?

The house is spotless!!  And, the front steps look great!  Win Win!  (These are my Amish mums that got blown to smithereens last week in our ND breeze.)



I love fall and my house decorates for fall pretty easily since the whole house color scheme matches.  I love when that happens.

No more “eh”

My bedroom wall  above my bed has been bare since I painted it blue about a year ago.  I learned a while back that it was better for me to be patient and wait until I found the PERFECT thing to hang rather than settle for “eh” and replace the first “eh” with some “blech” until I had become frustrated and hated it all.


I had a very hard time finding art I liked.  The colors I had in mind were just not easy to find.  I had this throw pillow I had found at Target and was trying to pull colors from it with no luck.  But then!!  In a hotel in Miami, we found stretched fabric as art pieces and my mind started going to work.  It wasn’t a quick hunt.  I searched high and low and finally found fabric I thought would work, but can’t relocate the site I located the fabric on to give them credit.  Oops.

I read many tutorials on stretching fabric over artist canvases and took a little bit of wisdom from each one.

First, cut the fabric to fit over your canvases.  Be sure to leave enough to cover the whole frame, wrapping around to the back for stapling.


Then, iron until it until it is as wrinkle free as a face lift after shot.  It is really important to get those wrinkles out, they will show.


Side note:  One tutorial I read mentioned Modge Podge – ing the fabric at this stage.  I can see the benefit to this, as our fabric got quite wrinkly as we modge podged it later.  More on that in a minute.

Next, place your fabric face down on a solid surface and lay the frame face down on top of it, centering it on the fabric.  Staple opposite sides stretching as tight as that face lift shot again.  TIGHT!!


After the fabric is secured like jiggle thighs in a girdle, flip it over and gaze at the beginning of awesomeness.  Wrangle up your helpers and get ready to get your Modge Podge on.   Just paint a nice coat over the fabric.  Ours got really saggy when it got all wet with the Modge Podge, so I just pulled it tighter and stapled it more.  Crafting cheater style.


Let those babies sit for a long time to dry.  We did it right before bedtime, so I don’t know how long it actually took – by morning they were ready for blinging.   I have been spending so much time reading crafting blogs and everywhere I look, this glue is mentioned, so I picked some up at Hobby Lobby this morning.


I now know why it is so loved.  Open the lid and you are instantly transformed into a 4th dimension.  It was an instant high.  Half of my brain cells destroyed.  If you have teenagers in the house, I suggest keeping this in your safe.

Anyways, since I was higher than a kite, and all was happy, I enjoyed adding some 3-D stuff just for fun.



D – U – N Done!!  Now to hang them, which is Bill’s most favorite thing to do in the whole wide world.  In his mind, virgin sheet rock should never ever been touched.  So, I hired a helper for really cheap.  All I had to pay him was supper.


He measured, he hammer, he leveled.  And he did a great job!!


It is all straight and centered.  I was just standing on a dog bed when I took the picture, so it looks crooked, I promise.



See the little birdie picture over there?  This one?


Yeah.  That was me too.  I followed this tutorial.  Easy as can be.


And that is a wrap of my do-it-yourself wall art project.  Good thing summer is coming to an end – I have more projects in mind.

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