Second Bizzard Monday in a Row

We don’t have school today – not because of weather, but because of Presidents.  I love those two guys who got me the day off.  We are under a blizzard warning – really, we didn’t get any snow, how can that happen?  Snow on ground + ND wind = no driving a minivan through drifts.

I really need to get to Costco.  I had big plans for today – plans to bake and cook and plans to head into the rest of the week on autopilot.  Plans to eat super healthy and lose 2 or 3 pounds.  I also have a headache for the second day in a row, but I digress.

Obviously, we didn’t get to Costco yesterday as planned, but we did:

1.)  Rescue Zack from the strike, which is kinda a big deal because he was a wanted man – I had to keep my eyes on him the whole time and steal him back from quite a few girls…


2.) Attend an Eagle Scout Ceremony – Lookin’ sharp, Pieper Scouts, all those badges are well-sewn on just in the nick of time!!


3.) Changed out of Scout uniforms in a bathroom and headed to Crazy Man’s Rock Concert.   (If you have a rocker in your family, check out Elevate Rock School.)

Photo: Andy's a rock star...and we have almost completed our Sunday "day of rest"

4.) Sent two kids home and dropped one off at the Cast Party – pity the parents who hosted 60+ middle school kids in their home last night.  The report is that they all sang at the top of their lungs – imagine that – singing from a bunch of theater kids.  I guess that is better than listening to a football team sing at the top of their lungs.  So there’s that…

5.) Went to Crazy Man’s rec hockey – you know, hockey for parents who didn’t want to sell their souls to the hockey machine.  We go once a week, we don’t travel to games, we still have a life outside of ice rinks – you know, for our other three children who also have outside interests.


6.) Came home at 8:30 to find out we still need yet ANOTHER different part to fix the girls’ sink.  Still no faucet.

Multi-event day, mom and dad very, very tired, but blessed that we are able to have our children involved in so many things that feed who they each are as individuals, even if they can’t wash their hands after they use the bathroom.

Curly isn’t doing much outside our home right now.  She has a new love  – Minecraft.  These two blizzard Mondays have really allowed her time to develop her gaming skills while snuggled up with Lucy.  Track season is coming when she will again put on her fancy shoes and wow us with her running efforts but until then, she is a slug on my living room floor.  Her big news is that I am only about an inch taller than she is.  She checks daily.


So I guess I better get out of my PJ’s and cook with what I have.  Kids need to eat.  And I predict that today is going to be the day I finally catch my much needed nap.


Be Prepared


Be prepared, mom.


Time flies.


And flags are flown over the US Capitol in honor of your son.


Little brothers and cousins are carrying in flags at the

ceremony celebrating your son’s achievements.


He is standing and taking an oath.


And you feel like the little one, surrounded by men.


I am not sure how it all happens so quickly.


Be prepared to let pieces go, both of him, and your own heart.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor Decor

When our son passed his Eagle Board of Review, I started the hunt for the ultimate Court of Honor decorations.  I am not a crepe paper/balloons kind of girl, I don’t like high cheesy levels, and I want to do things cheap.  I didn’t find much of anything on any website or blog anywhere.  I am sure someone out there has great ideas, but they were nowhere to be found.

I decided to go with natural decorations because of the location of the ceremony.  I probably would have done this regardless of where it was, however, because the other option was red, white, and blue with splashes of yellow and it is hard to use those colors without getting a wee bit too uh, loud or something.  Scouts to me is browns and tans, so we built with those colors.  The most time consuming part was painting blocks with the twelve points of the Scout Law, which are words everyone should live by.  Obviously, we were working on Brave here.  The dining room table was taken over for quite some time with this little project.  We simply cut down 2X4’s into the right heights and lengths, sanded them down, painted a base coat and got to work with the stencils.


Once the blocks were stenciled, we sanded them down, and by we, I mean Bill.  Then we simply watered down dark brown paint about 1/2 and 1/2 and painted a layer over them to make them more rustic.



Layered on a base of burlap, we put a small glass vase with twigs and gold ting ting, and pine cones – both small ones in the vases and large scattered.  The cones came from the farm, so they were special pine cones, not just your everyday variety.



A simple way to decorate.