A Little Addicted

Last night, we had no kids home.  The girls are at a friend’s birthday party at the lake, Crazy is at my dad’s shooting his new bow, and JP was smashing fruit with friends.  Yep, you read that right.  Chopping up melons.  Whatever.  Anyways, home alone.  House to ourselves.  No children.  Sounds all romantic, huh?  Until about 8:45 when I remembered I was responsible for cutting down plywood for a little crafting project that Janelle (the cookie lady) and I are tackling today.  Bill was thrilled to drive to their house to grab a crate that we needed to measure and then come home and cut down the boards.  I pretended to help, truly I did.  I even vacuumed the sawdust up off the garage floor when we he was finished cutting.   Yep, that is the good guy I married.  Poor soul.

“What little project?”  Your mind begs for an answer.  If you have followed us on FB this summer, you know we have had a little Pinteresting summer, knocking off project after project.  We tackled rugs, quilts, fabric boxes, beach towel things, fabric gift bags, craft messenger bags, car garbage bags, dinosaur tails, and so much more.  Some day, I will post all about those things, but this week, since school starts a week from today for us, we found ourselves looking at school projects and pretty much needed to make crate chairs.  Thus the wood cutting – it needed to fit into crates.  Yes, neighbors, that was us out sawing at 10:00 last night – it doesn’t happen often and we aren’t sorry.  Live with it.  At least we didn’t blast off the fireworks display this year keeping you all awake until midnight.

I am about to go eat lunch with school staff and then make these awesome things with Janelle, so I will come back and complete this little crate bloggity blog when I get back…


Back.  And I need a nap.  It is 95 degrees out and a nap in the air conditioning sounds just about perfect.  We made six of these today and they turned out pretty dang awesome.  If you choose to use vinyl fabric, be prepared to exercise patience as the fabric is super dee duper stretchy.  It was definitely a two person job, especially since we are both staple gun challenged.  The finished product will look smashing in a classroom and held me very well, so for little ones, no problemo.  The kiddos can store stuff in them while sitting on them – life just got a little more c..r…ate!  And since we used vinyl, and Janelle teaches preschool,  kids’ pee and snot can just be wiped right off.  Winner.