Who am I?  Depends on the day as I am a work in progress.  I am a lover of my family BIG TIME and enjoy my kids tremendously, oh and the hubby too, I spose. 🙂  Bill and I have four kiddos – a 7th grade son and 3 5th graders – yep, triplets.  We live a stereotypical life – Bill is a computer geek and I am a special ed para at our local elementary, although my degree is a BS in Horticulture with an emphasis on business (that kills me, I could NEVER run a business!!) I guess growing plants and growing kids have a few things in common, although the organic chem and calc II dont come in all that handy these days.  That soils class either.  Oh, and the woodies class, and the weeds class…yes, people those are real classes. 

I am currently trying to drastically change the way I eat and my trend to be sedentary.  I am following loosely the eating clean diet – so not dieting, just changing what I eat.  Look it up, it is helpful when I can actually stick to it.  I am also exercising these days…yeah, me, running (HATE IT!!) but I just am sick of the jell-o jiggler affect when I move.  It is not as if I am a pumpkin – more like a cucumber,  but I would really like to be a celery stick.  After being poked and prodded in ways no human should go through, I was diagnosed with IBS (which I think stands for I dont have a Blasted idea what is wrong with her System in my case.)  So I am trying to keep my system in balance until science can catch up and give me answers.

I am a conservative with a capital C.  But I dont shove it in your face all that often.  Lover of Jesus.  Dont shove that either.  I guess I am a peacemaker at heart with an uncontrolled attitude some days – combine that with my running mouth and you get some interesting situations from me.

I blog because I find it is a great way to rehash my days, keep family in touch with our daily life, and find new commonalities between my friends and myself.  I love to communicate.  I am really a people person.


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  1. Ava Vranish
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 21:00:42

    You should get paid to write.


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