Foods we like this so far this week

Back to the kitchen for mama Pieper, cooking up things that don’t take too long but taste like they did.  Of course right now, Oreos and Doritos are big hits.  They are at all times.  That is a given.  But they don’t count for some reason.

We are delivering supper to a new mommy and daddy tonight.   I feel a little bit of pressure because when I asked them what they wanted (never ever make that mistake) he told me anything homemade and then I asked (never ever make this mistake) if his mom was a good cook.  “Yes!” he replied.  So now I have to come up with something as good as his mom makes.  I already know I lost this challenge. 

I found the recipe for Chicken Pot Pie in the crock pot and was all over it.  This stuff looks and smells amazing.  I think it needs a little more spice, but I am not adding it because hello, new mom feeding baby = not spicy.

Since I don’t do cream of anything soup from a can, I made my own in place of the cream of chicken soup the recipe calls for:

3-4 TBSP Butter melted

3-4 TBSP Flour into melted butter, stir it up good

Stir in 12 TBSP Chicken Broth

and 12 TBSP milk

Why 12 you ask?  Cuz the recipe calls for a 28 ounce can, and this way, we are close.  If you don’t like my own amounts, feel free to mess with it.  It’s your kitchen.

If I had had time to prepare and think about it, I would have made this, my new favorite pasta of all times, which would not have had anything to do with chicken pot pie, but everyone would love:  Ranch BLT Pasta.  HOLY MOLY I loved this stuff, and I even used turkey bacon so it was super healthy **cough cough**.    I did make it for the Scout dinner on Monday.  There were really no left overs.  Sad me. 

Yesterday, I made Taco Pizza – pretty good, I must say.  I made homemade pizza dough, which is really quite easy.  I even made it Sunday and left it in the pan, waiting for me in my fridge.  You can do that, you know.  The first layer is refried beans, and I made my own now that I know how easy it is.   I had them sitting in my freezer waiting for this special moment.  Toppings we used were meat, cheese, tomatoes, green onion, and after it cooked, I added lettuce.  Except for one end – that end had just meat, cheese, and Doritos and even the CURLY GIRL ATE IT!!!  Miracles.    The sad part of the night was having to buy hamburger from Costco now that our 1/4 beef is gone.  Time to get more.  Store hamburger smells funny.

Tomorrow night is Parent Teacher conference night.  YIKES – might be fast food night.  Or starve until we get home and eat toast night.  Or maybe I wont have an appetite.  Depends how they go.  PT conferences are always dicey with these kids of ours. 

On another thought trail":

The weather is absolutely stunningly perfect, the trees are in full color, and I LOVE this kind of fall.  I love looking out my windows at the golds, reds, and rusts – my heart loves the look.  My brain knows that one good windy day will ruin it all and we will soon be staring at months of white.  Can it please last longer???  PLEASE?  I haven’t even had a chance to use our new mower yet.


Parenting I

So many different styles of parenting exist out there from one extreme (hovercraft) to the other (neglect) and so many different theories on how to parent successfully bombard us daily.  Bill and I have read some of the books and of course have plenty of offers to attend training both through our Foster Care connections and through school.   We pretty much chuckle and snort when those invites come because we have developed our own style of parenting: Pieper Style Love and Logic, complete with sarcasm and use of banned words and there is NO COURSE that will teach you these skills.

An example:

The triplets are now 13.  Thirteen-year-olds sometimes need reminders (hello, who doesn’t?) but I don’t DO things for them anymore.  Every morning during the school year, I give them a “FIVE MINUTES TILL THE BUS!” and “Do you have what you need for school today and did you brush your teeth?”  Not once has a child answered back, “I decided I am not brushing my teeth this morning,”  so I assume it is being done on a semi-regular basis.

This morning, I mustered up my best Pieper Style Love and Logic Parenting moves, threw open the girls’ bedroom doors, lifted my fake trumpet and blasted out the GET OUT OF BED song.  One girl moaned, the other shot me the teenage look of death.  I continued, “You both have a dentist appointment at 10:20 which gives you 45 minutes until we leave.  Shower, eat, and brush your teeth.”

Curly replies, “What kind of dentist appointment?”

Me, “Remember your cavity that needs a filling?  That kind of appointment.”

Curly pitches a two-year-old hissy fit.

Me, “Don’t like cavities?  Brush your feakin’ teeth!”  And I walked away victorious, seriously laughing.   Seems that she decided to come clean in the dentist chair a couple weeks back and told them she doesn’t brush her teeth.  Love and Logic.  I love that because she doesn’t brush her teeth, a logical consequence followed.

My job is not to do things for my kids but to teach them to do the right things for themselves and others.  When a decision they make turns into a teaching moment like this, I step back and let the learning happen. 

Tomorrow, more on the Love piece of our parenting style.

And the last (wo)man stands no more

We were told it would happen and there was nothing we could do about it.  Today was that day.  After a sports physical turned up vision issues for Princess, we made the decision to make our last child standing into a four-eyes.  (sidebar:  yes, Princess is going to try a sport!!)


When Curly gets new glasses, she tells them she wants new glasses exactly like her current ones – same everything, updated prescription.  She shops like her daddy.  (sidebar:  I am not squatting in the picture, although it seems Princess is – we are getting that close in height.)


When this girl went in, she went all in.  No boring frames for her.  Polka dot crazies it was and she is loving them!  Imagine Dad’s surprise when she walked in the house, “Those aren’t your real glasses, are they?” and I think he meant, “Holy crap, those are not practical and I wouldn’t have ever picked them!!”

20130326_193255_8723  20130326_193303_8724  20130326_193249_8722

She doesn’t seem to give a rip what anyone thinks.  Crazy tried them on for fun and they discovered that they have almost the same prescriptions.  Fun!!  Now they can swap!


This girl loves her accessories.  And the triplets can swap and share, and that is what we have been teaching them since birth.  



Got my sassy pants on today…

My sassy pants appear to be denim and look a lot like my favorite jeans, cuz I got both on today.  It started with me poking fun at a couple of friends on Facebook as they complained about the temps and that we had school in these temps.  We live in ND, it is winter.  That is what happens, it is almost predictable.  If this happened in a sissy state, like Florida (wish I was there) or Arizona, by all means, it would be worth freaking about.  Last year was a fluke.   This is January in North Dakota – those who can, leave.  Those who can’t, buck up.  I am packing Curly up for a trip to Church Retreat.  She is riding a church bus.  In this weather.  She plans to ice skate all weekend.  I am a horrible mother or something.  A bunch of little scouts are headed to winter camp to sled and ice fish.  We have fun in winter.  Put on mittens, hats, snow pants and boots and have at it!!

I proceeded to type in one of the funniest comments in the history of Facebook, but I had to delete it before I posted it…it wasn’t appropriate.  But it was funny.

Now it is February in North Dakota.  The days are getting longer again, but is still Holy Crap!! COLD!!!  What will melt your heart and make you all warm and fuzzy?  Valentines day is coming – I hate Valentines day.  It ranks up there right below Halloween on my Holidays I Hate list.  Why?  I don’t need a day set aside to treat people I love differently.  I don’t want $100 bouquets of flowers delivered to me at school (unless you used frequent flyer miles and got them free – yes, this happened once.)  Valentines Day is a sham.  Everything costs a bunch of money and is cheesy.  I don’t like cheesy.  Would I like to go out for dinner on Valentines?  Sure, I always like to go out for dinner.  Would I like to stand in line for an hour to get a table?  Nope.  I don’t want boxes of candy, I don’t want mushy cards, I don’t want stuffed animals.  They all seem so high-schoolish to me.  Valentines day is a day to skip.  Unless Bill wants to show his love for me by letting me bump the heat up a few degrees in the house – that I would accept. 

High School.   Not even sure if I should go there in this sassy mood I am in.  um…nope.  Instead, I will go work on the High School Musical set once again.  It is almost done.  We’re all in this together!!


Why I don’t blog often

I made it through the political season without a ranting blog, without frothing, and without saying things about stupid people I may or may not regret later.  I am not sure where that leaves me, but I didn’t blog about politics, and for that, I hold my head high.  Because I have strong opinions and I worry at times about what kind of world my kids are going to grow up in.  I watch Revolution, it isn’t that far fetched. (Princess and I are buying up all the cool necklaces around so we can make power some day when only people with cool necklaces can make make power.)  I am also going to get a handgun and some ammo and maybe a carry and conceal.  Because I am nuts.  Mostly I think women who pack handguns look more sexy on TV, and nearing 40, I gotta do what I can.

I haven’t blogged about my Facebook insights.  First, the recent bombarding of Facebook invites: invited to a party every week, I could supply the whole town I live in with any direct sale item they may want.  Not only am I invited to parties, but I get specific messages about products that are **sure** to help my family.  “I am sure your kids have zits,” one said.  “No thanks.  First, really???  And second, pinterest has every home remedy I might every need for zits.”  Unless you are selling sleep, back off – we are doing fine.  I also have an influx of friends becoming photographers.  Even Bill noticed the masses of photography businesses opening up and using Facebook as their free advertisement.  I own the camera lenses too  – maybe I should join the ranks.  If you want me to take pictures of your family, let me know, my rates are super cheap, but I am really in high demand with all the taking of pictures of my own kids, so book early – my next available time slot is probably in late January, and that is only if we get the sets for Princess’s next musical done before then.  I just want my Facebook to go back to updates about what is going on in peoples’ lives, not necessarily what they are having for dinner because I don’t care and no one else does either, but because I am more interested in people than in all that other stuff that shows up.  However, I have one exception.  If you see funny stuff on pinterest, please copy it to your wall so we can all enjoy.  I take great joy in that, even if it is a little iffy, like me.

I think, but I have thought it before and been very very wrong, that we might see a slow down in daily life craziness for a while around here.  That may or may not leave me more time for blogging.  Why not blog more if I have more free time?  Because I nap more often now.  Seriously, it is colder, darker, and I like sleep.  I like jammie pants, I like warm baths at 5 PM, I like laying in bed watching TV.  I like sleep.  And I like snacks.  Just a little trivia for you.

I may be blogging more often because I am one week into a healthier diet again.  Not a diet but a life style change – that I may or may not stick to – and often I blog the recipes because I think they might inspire someone else to join me in my suffering.  And tis the season to suffer through sugar withdrawals.  Hey guess what?  Wednesday, we don’t have school, so I am make a bunch of pies for Thanksgiving again.  I will maybe let you know if my new recipe is good.  Depends if I take time to blog it.

So I don’t get around to blogging much anymore because I don’t have a lot of time to sit around.  And also, I don’t have much I can legally blog about.  With my work for the CIA (and I am not involved with the Petraius mess), I really can’t blog about my work.  I could blog about what we do all the time, but I am generally too busy doing it to blog it, but now I have a Surface, and once I get my non-tech brain wrapped around how to use my phone’s internet to run my Surface, maybe I can blog more while waiting in my sexy minivan for one of the Pieper clan to wrap up their activities.

I don’t know.  I am kinda in a rut – the kind of rut that wants to crawl in my cave and talk to few people.  Sometimes, I need to sit and stare at a TV or mindlessly surf the web just so my brain can have downtime.  Is that bad?


What is True Friendship?

True friendship is holding a friend’s foot and applying pressure to stop the massive bleeding caused by a blood sucker.


This one’s for you, D-man!


Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

We have not had much of a winter around here, but in sending a blanketing fog, God provided us a chance to slow down and enjoy the details of His creations this week.  Hoarfrost through the eyes of Crazy Man – he loves taking pictures.








Winter provides breathtaking beauty.  So do vacations to Jamaica, just sayin’.


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