Top 10 reasons someone might like coffee (I had to ask around):

  1. It smells fantastic.
  2. It makes me feel warm inside- and I’d much rather be warm than cold.
  3. It makes me happy and content, if only for the short time I am drinking it.
  4. Coffee is for the sophisticated, and I like to pretend I am.
  5. A good cup of coffee is my calm before the storm.
  6. You can drink it out of a variety of neat looking mugs.
  7. It’s my only “need” on the Christmas list each year.
  8. My dad filled up his thermos with coffee each morning to take to work- and I thought that was cool.
  9. Coffee isn’t sweet.
  10. It’s a cheap bad habit.


My top 10 reasons I DON’T like coffee:

  1. Coffee doesn’t taste as good as it smells, so I find myself extremely disappointed.
  2. Coffee seems to suck people into its club – I am not a conformist
  3. True coffee is full of caffeine – I gave that up June 1
  4. Coffee is a vice – I don’t have vices
  5. It is bitter – if I want bitter, I just have to look at certain people
  6. Not having it on my Christmas list frees up a space for good stuff
  7. People share mugs at school – I don’t like to share things that touch my mouth
  8. Coffee isn’t cheap
  9. One less appliance on my kitchen counter, I like the counter clear-ish
  10. It stumps growth and I can blame my short legs on the fact that both my parents were coffee drinkers – I probably suffer from fetal coffee syndrome.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Missi
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 10:17:14

    Boy, the person who put together the top 10 reasons they like coffee are spot on! If I would have written a list, it would have been identical!!!


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