Wish I could vote on this

On the ballot in Denver:

Initiative 300:
Shall the voters for the City and County of Denver adopt an Initiated Ordinance to require the creation of an extraterrestrial affairs commission to help ensure the health, safety, and cultural awareness of Denver residents and visitors in relation to potential encounters or interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles, and fund such commission from grants, gifts and donations?

aliens for peace - public ...

Here is a link to the sponsor’s website:

Are you ready for the truth?   Tax payer dollar at its best.  Do you think it will pass?  Cant wait to hear the follow up on this one.


one of those “all over the place” blog entries

We are about to join Dorothy in the Land of Oz.  Method of transport: flying via wind.  Our weather is all over the news, everyone who cares has heard of our winds, rain, and pending snow, but I think what you need to realize is that HOLY CRAP IT IS NASTY OUTSIDE!!!  We are in a travel advisory and a winter storm advisory.  My dog refuses to go outside – she must be holding it until March.  Welcome, winter, you didn’t catch us by surprise!  The flying trampolines in our neighborhood provided much entertainment because we knew they weren’t ours – we took ours down and it is in the garage on top of the camper, flanked by the patio furniture and flower pots – we were READY!  (Ok, well, ready after that quick run to Fleet Farm for winter boots!)


This is after running through the parking lot after Fleet Farm.   Hopefully, tomorrow morning we will wake up to snow.  I hate it when a storm is all hype.  BIG snow and BIG wind!!  WHOOOHOOOOO!  Then I will be in the baking mood and will come up with all sorts of great stuff.

Speaking of blizzards, I love Dairy Queen these days.  I love French Silk Pie blizzards like crazy, and also banana cream pie as long as I add chocolate chunks.  Flavors I hate would be pumpkin pie, and mint Oreo.  I just don’t like DQ’s mint flavor for some reason.  I also love chili cheese dogs.  I am just listing things I love but can no longer eat.  How about you – what is your favorite blizzard flavor?  Let’s vote.

Speaking of voting, today, I voted.  I voted early.  I have never been so responsible.  EVER.  I enjoyed the phone call tonight from a certain political party reminding me that early voting is an option – I got to tell the nice guy that I already was on it and that I voted for his guys.  I bet I made his day!!  I took Karalyn with me and walked her through every single step, and then she got to put our ballot in the machine – she also got a sticker and was so proud, she put it over her heart.  Your ND voting info  Your MN voting info  Get out there and vote!!  Exercise your freedom and your voice.

Election Stickers

Speaking of exercise, it has been officially an entire week since I exercised.  I am not proud of this.  Life just has taken a new route and I have to figure out a way to work it in.   I am trying to eat right and keep the house in order because I know I wont have free weekends for a while.  I also find myself absolutely exhausted, so I have been going to bed earlier.  I cant take care of everything, so I take care of what I can when I can.  Doing my best.  I try not to cheat.

(the girls just shouted with glee that they think it is starting to turn from rain to snow – HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!)

Speaking of cheating, two things I must confess.  First, when we went out for dinner Friday night in Rochester after Dr. visit #1, I drank coke.  Yep, I loved the first two glasses so much but the third gave me gut rot, so I remembered why I had quit drinking it, but it went down so nicely.  I wont get back in the habit, trust me.  And second, I weighed myself this morning.  Why?  I have to monitor other health concerns and increasing weight is a sure sign that things are out of whack.  Needless to say, I restarted the death meds.  Ok, that is what I call them, but they actually are good for me once I adjust.  I feel so much better now that I got that off my chest…

Speaking of chests, oh forget it, I better stop there.

I’m back…with political chat and a whole lot more

Wow – you stuck with me.  Impressive.  I found some helpful links for ya…

To learn about voting in ND, including where to vote, a copy of a sample ballot, and absentee voting information, visit https://vip.sos.nd.gov/

The same information concerning MN voting can be found here: http://www.sos.state.mn.us/index.aspx?page=4

You have no excuse not to vote!!  Get yourself educated and get it done.  Or else.

Curly Funnies:

JP:  “What does strep throat feel like?”

Me: “I donno, never had it, why, does it hurt when you swallow?”

JP:  “Yep”

Curly: “Well then don’t swallow – that’s an easy one. Spit it out.  Spit it on Andy.  Feel free; in fact, I will pay you.”


JP needs beads for a biology project tomorrow.  We can’t find all ours.  Bill suggests we take apart one of the bracelets the kids have made over the year, when suddenly from the back seat we hear:

Curly gasping, “That’s hurtful.  Those are made of memories, not just jewels.”

That’s a wrap; thoughts of the day:

  • Bill and I decided to rollerblade today for our Wednesday night small group.  We have decided to buck the trend and stay in our 2-person small group.  We find it works well for our marriage.  Anyways, we bladed 7 miles and had to cut the loop a bit short because it was getting dark. Now we remember why we can’t exercise in the winter – no daylight.
  • I am growing out my eyebrows.  Why?  So I can get a good waxin’ this weekend.  I just feel like if I pluck them right up until waxing, I am not getting my money’s worth. 
  • http://greenmonstermovement.com/?page_id=39  Have you had a green smoothie?  I have spinach so I am going to try it.  It says you cant taste it…I don’t believe them, but I will get back to you when I have the answer.  Wonder If I will start looking and talking like Popeye?
  • Here is a recipe for super protein cupcakes – might give them a try sometime too.  WHAT HAVE I BECOME????
  • I have made mistakes in my life.  That is the theme for the day.  Don’t ask what that is all about, I cant tell you.  CIA stuff.  Secrets.
  • I have one varicose vein in my right calf – got it from bed rest, just another trophy from the amazing trio pregnancy.  Should I zap it so I don’t look a day over 18?


Let the Political Blogs Begin

I am a self-admitting know-nothinger when it comes to local politics, but that is changing.  I vote every election, generally down party lines, and sometimes if I am really into it, I get a cheat-sheet from my hubby.  I know my national-level issues, but the names of judges and commissioners and all that kinds of thing are just not things I know a whole lot about.  I am going to change that this November.  So if you live in the FM area, stay tuned and then you also can vote informed.  Informed by me, and what could be better.

Where do I stand politically?  I am a fundamentalist.  Why?  Because I don’t want the government into all my business.  I don’t want welfare and all that goes along with it to be a free ride for people who don’t want to work.  I don’t want government making an attempt to legalize things I find morally wrong.  Now before those on the left want to label me one of those nice things us right-wing hack jobs wackos get labeled, hear me out.  I am disappointed in the conservatives in politics as well.  I am most disappointed by the lack of doing from churches these days.  If you talk it, walk it.  I try daily to be what the government tries to be, but with my own convictions.  We do work with kids who need extra mom and dad support (foster care), we do support those in need when we hear of someone and feel convicted to help, we work our butts off to support our own family,  we teach our children to love others, work hard and contribute to society in a positive way, we don’t shun those who’s values are different from ours, we would adopt a baby in a heartbeat if it meant saving a life.   If we look like what the left has labeled us as being, we are no different.  So that is my personal stand on things.  If people loved and cared more and judged less, ahhhhhhhh, good things would happen.  That goes for both sides.  I think it is similar to Vikings/Packers fans.  You are never going to change anyone’s decisions, we all need to learn to get along.  Oh, that is all a bunch of crap.  We will never all get along when it comes to football.

My first unanswered question was this:  Who is governor if Hoeven wins the senate seat race?  Answer: If Hoeven wins the Senate race, Lt. Gov. Jack Dalrymple will succeed him as governor, and a new lieutenant governor will be appointed.

My second question was about measure oneThis is how it will look on the ballot. I don’t know what this even means and I am trying hard not to slip back into my “who gives a flying rip” attitude.  This is why I don’t educate myself on these things, I don’t care what you do with oil money.  I am not money driven – I am relationship driven, so if it was about what to do with co-workers who drive you nuts (not that I have any, really I dont) I would sit up and take notice.  I will educate myself, none-the-less, and get back to you, my devoted readers, on this one.

My third question is about measure twoThis is how it will look on the ballot.  If I read this one right, it means that I can get in big trouble if I go shoot someone’s pet tiger if it is in a cage or released from a cage.  Dang it all, now how am I going to get that alligator purse I want?  I don’t even understand why this is an issue.  As a kid, someone shot our two dogs because they were chasing deer.  Really people, do you know what that did to us sweet little puppy-loving kids???  I guess if we lived in ND at the time, and that time was after this ballet passed, they could get in big trouble.  Or is a puppy not one of the certain captive game?  And since they didn’t pay a fee, it didn’t matter.  The more I talk about this, the more I think I understand what it means – is this outlawing game farms??  Like I can’t raise pheasants and them charge someone to come “hunt” them on my land after I release them?  Who decides what the certain animals are?  I would like to make that call.  I would outlaw dog shooting.  I am pretty sure shooting people is against the law but people still do it.  Man, this is messed up.  PITA  (seriously, that is what I thought it was till I googled it and came up with all kinds of pocket bread ideas)  ok, PETA must love this measure.  I am not sure what I think yet. 

That is about as much political chat as I can handle in one day…next time, I will try to have better answers for all of us.