I’m back…with political chat and a whole lot more

Wow – you stuck with me.  Impressive.  I found some helpful links for ya…

To learn about voting in ND, including where to vote, a copy of a sample ballot, and absentee voting information, visit https://vip.sos.nd.gov/

The same information concerning MN voting can be found here: http://www.sos.state.mn.us/index.aspx?page=4

You have no excuse not to vote!!  Get yourself educated and get it done.  Or else.

Curly Funnies:

JP:  “What does strep throat feel like?”

Me: “I donno, never had it, why, does it hurt when you swallow?”

JP:  “Yep”

Curly: “Well then don’t swallow – that’s an easy one. Spit it out.  Spit it on Andy.  Feel free; in fact, I will pay you.”


JP needs beads for a biology project tomorrow.  We can’t find all ours.  Bill suggests we take apart one of the bracelets the kids have made over the year, when suddenly from the back seat we hear:

Curly gasping, “That’s hurtful.  Those are made of memories, not just jewels.”

That’s a wrap; thoughts of the day:

  • Bill and I decided to rollerblade today for our Wednesday night small group.  We have decided to buck the trend and stay in our 2-person small group.  We find it works well for our marriage.  Anyways, we bladed 7 miles and had to cut the loop a bit short because it was getting dark. Now we remember why we can’t exercise in the winter – no daylight.
  • I am growing out my eyebrows.  Why?  So I can get a good waxin’ this weekend.  I just feel like if I pluck them right up until waxing, I am not getting my money’s worth. 
  • http://greenmonstermovement.com/?page_id=39  Have you had a green smoothie?  I have spinach so I am going to try it.  It says you cant taste it…I don’t believe them, but I will get back to you when I have the answer.  Wonder If I will start looking and talking like Popeye?
  • Here is a recipe for super protein cupcakes – might give them a try sometime too.  WHAT HAVE I BECOME????
  • I have made mistakes in my life.  That is the theme for the day.  Don’t ask what that is all about, I cant tell you.  CIA stuff.  Secrets.
  • I have one varicose vein in my right calf – got it from bed rest, just another trophy from the amazing trio pregnancy.  Should I zap it so I don’t look a day over 18?



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