Someone around here has to cook

I have taken months and months off from cooking.  Yep, I told you I was ADD and I choose, well, my brain chooses, to decide to juggle only certain things for only so long.  And for a while, cooking has been one of the things I ignore.  And by ignore, I mean this:

“Hey, what do you want for Easter Dinner?” – Me

“Anything but toast.”  – Bill

“Brownies” – JP

So this week, I was talking to a personal trainer at my gym about why after this week’s 3 circuit classes, 2 Zumba classes, a Body Flow, and a Barre Fitness class combined with our Ballroom dance class, I haven’t lost any weight.  He wondered what I was eating and suggested I write everything down for a week. 

My reply answered it all,  “For breakfast, I ate 2 pieces of cake, half a pack of Starburst, and an orange pop.  Lunch was school lunch where I wolfed down a corndog dipped in ranch and a cheese dipper without even thinking about what was going in my mouth.  Right after lunch, I had a dilly bar.  Then it was 2:00 PM.” 

I have no idea why I haven’t dropped any weight.  HAHAHAHA

So at Ballroom dance, it was decided that this weekend would be the sugar detox project.  I am so hungry.  Without junk, there is nothing left to enjoy in life.  And to make things worse, I had to do the major grocery run – you know, the $250 variety?  The kind that drives me to Sam’s Club the day before Easter (where they are handing out free cans of pop?)  It was the kind where you grab Oreo’s and throw them in the cart because, hello, who doesn’t love Oreo’s?  I can’t eat them, but I can own them, and now I do.  But I bought what I need to make all of the following and the kids, Bill, and I are going to suffer through a healthy batch of meals this week.  I will keep you posted.

Santa Fe Chicken Packets

Clean Pulled Pork

Southwest Stuffed Bell Peppers

Creamy Quinoa Primavera

Pineapple Chicken Kabobs

Overnight Oatmeal