2 for 1: What We Know For Sure

So many things in life are iffy.  This is not a list of those things.


  • My kids will grow up – I can’t stop them.  In about 2 years, I will be the mother of 4 teenagers.  Holy Crapoly.  Some day, they will all be in college.  I don’t even know how to react to that statement, other than “Missi and I are vacationing.”
  • If I play by the rules and don’t take an inch, no one will notice.  If I bend a rule, and work a little rebel into my life, everyone takes note.
  • No matter when I plan a vacation or special event, I will have my period.
  • Someone will always be more **_________** (insert any goal here) than I am.


  • There will be great weeds in my garden.
  • Stick with your gut instincts.  Especially if you have a good thing going with God. Because…
  • …God is a for sure.  He is always available.
  • When I am in a hurry, I will get behind a slow poke.
  • Swimsuits look way better on a hanger than on me.
  • Bill is a constant.  I can pretty much predict his reaction to anything…he is a for sure.
  • If it is not written down, I run a pretty good chance of forgetting for sure.
  • Vegetable seeds will not germinate in a garden treated with round-up.  **bonus points for that one.
  • Mini-vans are a status symbol.  Take that however you want.


  • I will be the one in need when the toilet paper runs out.
  • If I buy something and need to return it, I will have lost the receipt.  However, I have a ton of receipts that I don’t need all over the place.
  • Batteries in smoke detectors only go dead at 3 AM.
  • Things only break when Bill is out of town.
  • If each of our four kids have different things scheduled, for sure all events will be at the same time.  In different places.
  • The van only makes its strange noises when I am driving.
  • Crazy Man would like me to add this last one:  the Pieper vehicles only go over the speed limit when I am driving.



  • When you spend hours, days, or even weeks researching and price shopping a major purchase, immediately after you pull the trigger, it will go on sale.
  • If you find the perfect jeans, bra, underwear, perfume, or lotion scent- it will be discontinued after your initial purchase.
  • If you say you’ll never do something, you will do it. And then some.
  • Be careful about judging others, even if not out loud. It will always come back to haunt you. No one is perfect.
  • I control the stock market. If I put a sell order in for my shares, the market will immediately tank.
  • The past is the past and you can’t change it. So, get on with it.
  • If you are doubting, that means don’t do it.


  • I will not make money on anything I have to sell… but Mike will.
  • Things don’t come “easy” for most people. Work hard and enjoy the rewards.
  • If I wash my car, it will rain or snow the very next day.
  • Work should not be your life.
  • Do not rely on info from others regarding someone you’ve never met. Get to know them and decide for yourself.
  • You will never please everyone. In fact, you won’t please most people. The ones who love you will love you regardless.
  • It is perfectly fine to say “no”.
  • Baking powder and baking soda are not the same.