Foods we like this so far this week

Back to the kitchen for mama Pieper, cooking up things that don’t take too long but taste like they did.  Of course right now, Oreos and Doritos are big hits.  They are at all times.  That is a given.  But they don’t count for some reason.

We are delivering supper to a new mommy and daddy tonight.   I feel a little bit of pressure because when I asked them what they wanted (never ever make that mistake) he told me anything homemade and then I asked (never ever make this mistake) if his mom was a good cook.  “Yes!” he replied.  So now I have to come up with something as good as his mom makes.  I already know I lost this challenge. 

I found the recipe for Chicken Pot Pie in the crock pot and was all over it.  This stuff looks and smells amazing.  I think it needs a little more spice, but I am not adding it because hello, new mom feeding baby = not spicy.

Since I don’t do cream of anything soup from a can, I made my own in place of the cream of chicken soup the recipe calls for:

3-4 TBSP Butter melted

3-4 TBSP Flour into melted butter, stir it up good

Stir in 12 TBSP Chicken Broth

and 12 TBSP milk

Why 12 you ask?  Cuz the recipe calls for a 28 ounce can, and this way, we are close.  If you don’t like my own amounts, feel free to mess with it.  It’s your kitchen.

If I had had time to prepare and think about it, I would have made this, my new favorite pasta of all times, which would not have had anything to do with chicken pot pie, but everyone would love:  Ranch BLT Pasta.  HOLY MOLY I loved this stuff, and I even used turkey bacon so it was super healthy **cough cough**.    I did make it for the Scout dinner on Monday.  There were really no left overs.  Sad me. 

Yesterday, I made Taco Pizza – pretty good, I must say.  I made homemade pizza dough, which is really quite easy.  I even made it Sunday and left it in the pan, waiting for me in my fridge.  You can do that, you know.  The first layer is refried beans, and I made my own now that I know how easy it is.   I had them sitting in my freezer waiting for this special moment.  Toppings we used were meat, cheese, tomatoes, green onion, and after it cooked, I added lettuce.  Except for one end – that end had just meat, cheese, and Doritos and even the CURLY GIRL ATE IT!!!  Miracles.    The sad part of the night was having to buy hamburger from Costco now that our 1/4 beef is gone.  Time to get more.  Store hamburger smells funny.

Tomorrow night is Parent Teacher conference night.  YIKES – might be fast food night.  Or starve until we get home and eat toast night.  Or maybe I wont have an appetite.  Depends how they go.  PT conferences are always dicey with these kids of ours. 

On another thought trail":

The weather is absolutely stunningly perfect, the trees are in full color, and I LOVE this kind of fall.  I love looking out my windows at the golds, reds, and rusts – my heart loves the look.  My brain knows that one good windy day will ruin it all and we will soon be staring at months of white.  Can it please last longer???  PLEASE?  I haven’t even had a chance to use our new mower yet.