My Random Questions

JP and the XC team run their first meet this Saturday.  It is supposed to be 95 degrees.  At what temp is it too hot to run?  I think –30 is the answer for me.

On that same topic.  How many times can JP go through the school lunch line per day to get enough calories to support running XC after school before someone in the government is on to him? 

Will I look like a freak if I sew in the waiting room while my girls are getting sealants put on their molars today?  I think not.  I think I will look like a genius.

Is 8:30 AM Minecraft as good as 10:30 PM Minecraft?  Especially when you talk to your friends on Live like you are Forrest Gump?  Yeah, JP, I can hear you up here.

What am I going to wear the first day of school?  I wonder if my acceptable capris are too tight or if I am forced to wear my sweat pant capris, will anyone notice?

Why do I have a feeling of doom looming over me?  See pie chart for answer:

Depressingly accurate.

How can I get back into the groove of school while still keeping 10:35 Big Bang Theory on my daily checklist?


Will the part Bill is ordering to fix my swamped van work in time to save me from the stench that is soggy wet carpet meeting 90 degree days?  I think not.  The box fan runneth in my van.  Can we revisit the conversation about how my van is draining my contentment level one issue at a time?

Will someone come in an do all the chores I avoided this summer – like organize my whole house and load my freezer with meals for our busy school nights?  And do it for free as a show of love and a servant’s heart?

Sheyenne back to school night is tonight – will the kids make fun of me, shove me in a locker, or push my head into a toilet just because I am smarter than all of them?  Or is that just on Disney?

Are people in the world outside my bubble as vulgar as Pinterest makes them out to be?  Is the F-word that common place in everyday vocab now?

How long can I procrastinate getting showered before we run late for that dentist appointment?



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