MIA and LEMOI (Loving Every Minute of It)

I can’t say that I have had such a busy summer that I had no time to sit on my computer and blog.  I can’t pretend that I was camping in the deep forests, away from the internet.  It would be a lie to say that I haven’t had anything to blog about.  The truth is that I am uninspired this summer.  I didn’t feel like blogging, and since I didn’t feel like it, I didn’t do it.  That is how I roll.  I did other stuff.  I will post pictures someday.

We are about to go back to torture school.  Some in our family are excited about new schools (I will probably blog about that whole process another time) and some of us dread going back at all (read:  Crazy Man and I are dragging butt big time.)  I HATE this time of year.  HATE.  I have blogged about it before.  I am one of those moms.  But a couple days ago, I had myself a little slap in the face moment while straightening my hair.  (Yes, I still do my hair in the summer…sometimes.)

I was wondering to myself if the staff of the schools my kids will attend understand how awesome my kids are.  I wonder if they see past/passed (which one?  I don’t know and I don’t care right now) their report cards and test scores and try to learn who they are.  I wonder if they deserve the time they get with my kids.  And then I started to wonder if those staff members are dreading going back and my kids (and all the others piling into those buildings) are not on their lists of awesomeness like sleeping in, boating, and camping are.

And then I felt that little slap because I am being a hypocrite.  Parents all around my little town are wrestling with the same deal – they are sending kids to our school in about a week and wondering if we will take as good of care of their precious children as they do.  They are wondering if we deserve their kids.  They are wondering if they will be loved and safe in our school building.  And I felt a little guilty because right now, my attitude needs to change and it needs to do a 180 in about 7 days.  So this week, I am working on truly understanding deep down that I am working with the most precious children in the world and in doing so, I will also be praying that the staff at the other schools who will interact with my children will be doing the same.

I am crazy in love with my children.  Every year at this time, I become keenly aware of that.  Another summer down, another sad week for me as I let my own go again, understanding very fully how few summers we have left as a complete family together.  Here is to a great last year of middle school, and a great first year as a Mustang sophomore.  Have I mentioned how fantastic my kids are?


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