Colorado 2013

Summer sure has changed for our family this year.  In summers past, we spent our weekends in our camper.  Everywhere.  Together.  Never home.

This summer, we are “stuck” home because of our kids’ schedules, and that has taken some getting used to.  Our boat and camper have not even left their garage parking spots, which is very sad, but is our new reality.  I am still hoping for a day or two at the lake, but not holding my breath, as I watch summer flying by.

This past week, we snuck a quick trip to Colorado between Princess’s performance school schedule and Bill’s work trip.  We left at 5:00 AM on the 3rd and drove 14 hours (which is nowhere near a record for us road warriors) to Colorado Springs.  Our kids were awesome – we only stopped twice to get gas and use rest rooms.  Traveling with avid readers is pretty easy – the female half of our family read 14 books on this trip.  Traveling with antsy pants Crazy Man is another story…but he was silent on this trip because he brought all kinds of rope and string to braid and twist into all sorts of things.  Once, we had to stop along side the road and let him burn the ends.


We just told him he couldn’t do that near the gas pumps.  Obvious rule, we figured. 

We spent 4 days with family in Colorado Springs, being the ultimate tourists.  On the 4th of July, we celebrated our nation’s independence by visiting Garden of the Gods and Cave of the Winds.


The kids were so wiped out after that day, they opted out of fireworks.

On day 2, we decided to face my fear of windy roads with cliff drop-offs as we ventured to the top of Pike’s Peak.




Day 3 brought the big Zip line day.  WHOOOT!  We went Extreme.  Welcome to the experience, baptism style.  Highest and fastest Zip line course in North America.  The kids did great.  I am sore.






Day 4 was Water World in Denver.  Thus, it was sunscreen-o-rama.  Us flatlanders didn’t want to return home with sunburns.  Pictures of that?  I don’t think so.  Me in swimsuit on my blog?  Uh, nope. 

We drove home today.  Again, the kids were amazing.  Simply awesome.  And that is a good thing because we have one more super fast and long-mile road trip squeezed into a 5-day opening again later this summer.  We have mastered the roadtrip.

Thank-you, Colorado family, for your outstanding warmth and hospitality.  We had a fantastic time and left enough on our to-do list for our return visit soon!!


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