Been too Busy

Here is the dealio.  I have been swamped.  And by swamped, I mean doing things I want to do.  Examples of those activities are: eating my new favorite low-cal cheat, lemon ice with raspberry from Culvers, taking naps when I decide I want to, and oh, a couple small projects.  Oh yeah, and having my van towed, that has been super fun.  Four times.  And driving the kids all over. 

It is Princess’s turn for a summer room redo and thanks to her love of all things girlie and my addiction to pinning things in Pinterest, combined with my friend Janelle’s sewing machine, we have pumped out a pretty cool teenager room. 


Our first war was over paint color, and we debated this for MONTHS – since last summer, actually.  She wanted brown walls with a bright teal accent wall.  I have to look at this for 5 years, so nope, not doing neon teal.  We settled on Robin Egg, and I located this color at Home Depot.  I kinda really like the Behr paint from there with the built in primer.  It covers so well.  It can cover the ceiling, the carpet, and the wood trim, because that is how I roll.  But I got it done.  So there.20130618_110101_9933


Because Princess is a pack rat, and by that I mean collector of trash, anything anyone has ever given her – like postcards from 5 years ago and pictures colored by cousins 4 years ago – and awards won in school 3 years ago, we really needed to organize everything.  She loves photos of her friends, so we followed this tutorial and made her a cork board that will hold those photos, instead of putting them EVERYWHERE (thus requiring me to pull tape and blue sticky putty off her walls before painting.)


I think I have mentioned before her massive love of earrings.  Like over the top crazy. 

“Hey, Princess, what do you want for your birthday?” 

“Uh, maybe some earrings.” 

“Hey, Princess, what do you want for Christmas?” 

“Uh, maybe some earrings.” 

“Hey, Princess, what are you hoping is in your Easter basket?”

“Uh, maybe some earrings.”

And so, something had to be done to keep them all in order.  Because it comes in handy for me – I just borrow hers, so I gladly support this addiction.

We followed this tutorial and backed the frame with fabric to match the cork board.  And much to our surprise (not all all) her collection filled this thing, so we will need to take it apart some day and add another row. 


(In all this accessory organizing, we realized she needs necklaces – she really doesn’t have many and that is a shame.  so now next time a gift-giving opportunity rolls around, I wont have to ask.  YEAH!)

We also took her old letters spelling out her name and repainted them.  Somewhere online, I read about painting designs on them with glue and then painting the whole letter.  It gives cool dimension.  We painted the letters the same color as her wall, since she is more mature than when they were polka dot and striped to match her crazy little girl room.  This is more subtle.  Just like me.  Or not.

20130620_100844_9939  20130620_100842_9938

Once  all of this was up, we decided the room needed more dark brown.  And we needed curtains.  And I was running out of free flowing cash.  And curtains aren’t cheap.  But they are if you MAKE them, and I found these lovely curtains and decided to make them in brown.  This is where Janelle comes in.  Only she would go out and buy a gathering foot for her machine so we could make these…and we knocked these out of the park.  I want them for myself. 


All in all, the room is 100% awesome and doable.  Not some over the top version of a room found in a magazine, but a sweet teenage girl room perfect for my Princess.  We have one wall left to finish – a collection of precious things that mean a lot to her – like an “A” that she bedazzled, the Broadway sign we picked up in NYC, and a sparkling gift from a friend.  All those things will combine with a undecided framed photo or two of her friends and will comprise a grouping sometime in the near future. 

So we have a fancy curtain rod left to hang and a little wall décor remaining.  And a couple months to get it done.  Progress is great.


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