Shout outs!

This one is for the world’s greatest music teacher, and everyone who really knows me knows that I suffer from early stages of hearing loss thanks to my love of loud music – never grew out of that – I truly appreciate music.  I get to spend my school year with her, but in the summer, I have withdrawals.  (side note, I have never used the word “withdrawals” but I guess it is a real word because spell check doesn’t like withdrawls, which I think it should be.)

Also, a shout out to my childhood (and still now) sister-friend’s new bestie.  I hear she reads my blog.  I am good with my sister-friend having friends as an adult but this new bestie just needs to remember that “friend” does not equal “sister-friend” and as long as she knows that, I am all good with the arrangement.  Yes, KF, I am talking to you!!!!


And on that note, I have an adult bestie too.  And I have avoided conversing about her horrible decision, but I am working through it.  She has been my other half at work now for 4 years.  I think of her as my work wife, sorta, in an ok kind of way.   She went and got all educated so now she has to leave me and go to student teach elsewhere.  Word for you, Jen: you and I can NEVER be teacher/para in the same classroom because the kids would come out all way too awesome.  And sassy.


And one last shout out today.  It is almost June, which means I am either supposed to be packing up to fly out to Oregon to see my cousin, or, because I couldn’t force it to work thanks to four kids I have to raise and who’s schedules sometimes outrank my desires, she is supposed to be coming this way.  I don’t see concrete plans for either of those things happening.  So this last shout out might be more of a call out because HELLO, what is the plan!!!!?????  I can’t go much longer not knowing.  And because I think you are ignoring the need to decide, I am posting this funny picture that makes neither of us look good.  Take that!  I have way worse I could post if you don’t get your act together!



And one last shot that I found while looking for the above photo:


It has nothing to do with anything.  I love summer.


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