Welcome, Summer!!!

Although it is a wee bit chilly out there, summer is officially here!!  I know this because we ended our spring project today!!  (Almost, I have a few plants to put in still.)  Last fall, we had curbed edging installed, replacing the uh-sorta-good and not-so-trusty plastic edging.

Haul rocks out.  Lots of rocks.  Many hours of resentful kids serving out their slave labor hours in exchange for the blessing of living under our roof.  Just kidding – two of our kids worked really hard on this project, and to thank them, we took them to graduation parties for free supper.




Put the rocks in new desired locations.


Haul in dirt to compensate for settling; put down new fabric, new plants, and mulch; sit back and enjoy!





Now we wait to see if the summer storms wash any of it away to see if we need to haul it all out and put the rocks back.  HAHAHAHA.

Another sign of summer is all the bird poop on the patio.  The cause of this great white washing might be Crazy Man’s love of the bird feeder.  It is fun to wake up to the sound of life again. 


One last sign of summer’s arrival: the “last day of school” photo.


Bring it summer, let’s get this party started.


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