“Mom, will you please make us pancakes?” 

“Uh, are you serious?”

“Yep”  with cutest smile a 15-year-old can muster.

“Buddy, do you know how much I have to accomplish on weekends to pull off this?”  I replied as I show him next week’s schedule. “Eat cereal.”

Oh yes, we are in that time of year when all good things must come to an end and before that happens, each of those good things has to pack extras onto the calendar.

Scouts Sunday and Monday

Track – 2 meets Monday and one Friday.  Slower week, thank goodness, because,

Academic Awards – Wednesday

Jazz Concert – Thursday

2 boys touring Jazz on Wednesday and one on Friday (still trying to figure out how one tours with Jazz and also goes to Track meet.)

And, a scheduled scout weekend we will have to skip this coming weekend.

“Also, we need clothing from the 60’s.  See if you have any.” 

“Girl, how old do you think I am?”   A kid at school asked me if I was born in the 1800’s, so maybe I need some fancy wrinkle cream or somethin’.

Made these bars today to give to two new moms/dads who pumped out precious little baby girls!  Well, the moms did the work – probably the dads just watched.  So we didn’t taste test them, but we are pretty sure they are good, because come on, peanut butter cup bars?  YES!

We also made and delivered this broccoli cheese soup recipe which was new to us.  I did steal a spoonful and thought it was pretty good…I will wait on pins and needles for the official review.  Just in case it was gross, I also brought them ham and potato soup, which I have made for them before and gotten rave reviews. 

Last weekend, I also tackled this lemon strawberry cake – my very first Bundt cake.  The way this week was, the clean Bundt pan is still waiting to be put away.   At least it is clean.  Anyways, I could have just eaten the batter – Wowsa, it looked and smelled so good.  And it was.  End of story.  Make one. 

After all this baking and cooking, we came home from holding precious babies to eat cheese melted on chips, known by the fancy name of nachos.  Delish.

My house is a wreck – guess what Sunday brings? 

“UGH!!!  I hate cleaning my room.  We should get a maid.”  Yeah, I agree.

“This room needs a little TLC.”   “I HATE TLC!  I’ll clean my room when it is dirty enough” says the girl with piles so deep you can’t see carpet.

When we look all pulled together, it is just a facade.

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