Realities of Vacation

As my last post suggested, Bill and I just got back from a lovely get-away to police-heavy NYC.  Although we have been friends since we were three, we finally traveled with our friends A&J.  Should have done this before, we were kinda four peas in a pod.  They have a son and twin daughters, so basically, we have the exact same life except we have Crazy Man, I am not a doctor, and they don’t have a boat.  We do have some of the big stuff in common, like J and I just walk where we are told, leaving the bossy stuff up to Bill and A; J and I both walk with our hands in our sleeves when we are cold; and J and I don’t like slimy food.  So it was that we were plunked down into NYC all together because we are childhood besties who married guys who get along.  Win.

Our vacation started with a 2:30 AM wake up alarm.  Can you say, “relaxing?”  I heard a new TSA announcement here in the Fargo airport, “Attention travelers: if you plan to leave, let’s say Boston, and head to New York on the 5:15 AM flight, be sure to leave 2 hours to get through security.  However, if you are flying from, let’s say Fargo to Minneapolis on the 5:15 AM flight, please don’t arrive at the airport until 4:15 when the employees will finally go on duty.”  So we didn’t get that message until it was too late, and we wasted 45 minutes of precious sleep.


Good morning, how may we help you?

We had a great flight attendant who told us that our flight from Fargo was delayed because it was a wee bit snowy and we needed to de-ice.  And that if any of us used de-icing time to get back on our outlawed electronics, we would be forced to wash the windows inside and out during the flight.  Ok, so I didn’t take a picture for you all.  I am all about de-icing.  I like to live.  However, that little glycol shower resulted in a necessary run across Minneapolis Airport.  I had taken Bonine (I am not a great flying girl) which, I learned the very hard way, creates the perfect condition for cotton mouth of the infinite degree.  I coughed and coughed and had to promise the kind lady sitting by me that I was not carrying the new strain of bird flu, which I think was the truth because birds had not migrated back to our parts so really no chance of bird flu.   You never know, right?

New York was full of opportunity.  A’s perfect vacation is all about food options.  Mine is all about photos.  Thus, photos of food:  (The one thing I didn’t take a picture of, but should have was the green smoothie we tried.  It had spinach, kale, parsley, celery, apple, and lemon in it and it tasted like regurgitated horse food.  That bad.  I only had to get 6 ounces down and gagged a time or two, but pure health made it down the pipe.  That was the first morning and it was all uphill from there.)

1  Magnolia Cupcakes

burger Max Brenner

canolli  Cake Boss Cannoli

cheesecake  Cheesecake from Cake Boss

cookie Lavain Cookies

fondu Chocolate Fondue at Max Brenner Chocolate Restaurant

rootbeer Brooklyn Root beer at Grimaldi’s Pizza

Soup Dumplings  Soup Dumpling from Joe Shanghai

Getting from one restaurant to another entailed a lot of walking.  One day, we walked about 17 miles.  And I wanted to look cute for all our pictures, of course, so I wore these shoes:


Big mistake.  Never do that.  Wear tennis shoes or something like that.  But tennis shoes look dumb with these capris and I sure didn’t want to look stupid in NYC of all places.

So when we posed, I made sure my feet were in pictures.


Here is an important side story:  Remember to call your credit card company (yes, we used one there – it is used for travel only) before you leave so you don’t spend precious time on the phone verifying that it was you who is on a East Coast spending spree.


Back to the miles we put on.  Most of them were planned, but it seemed in the New York game of whack-a-mole, we were losers.  Go on subway, get off subway at correct stop but when you poke your head above ground, you have no idea where north is so you walk the direction you think you need to go, only to learn it was absolutely 180 degrees wrong.  Pro, extra steps on pedometer; con, you are wearing shoes now laced with Band-Aids.  Next time, we will bring a compass. That won’t look dumb at all, will it?  Probably carry it in my fanny pack.

We had a great time, and somehow I gained weight and Bill didn’t – that is the way it works, right?  I am working on getting it off, he is working on losing even more.  Dangitty Dang dang.

The cultural options in NYC are vast.  So many museums to choose from.  We chose this one:


The wildlife was also incredible.

20130418_133840_8966 20130419_151043_9063

All good things must come to an end, and Monday morning, J&A left us to head home.  We were sad and didn’t know how to find food on our own.  We went to the airport early because that is how we roll (remember how vacation started?) and this time, it worked to our advantage.  Due to the federal government wanting their budget setting inabilities to be painful for us, flights in and out were delayed.  Delta was handing out cookies, pretzels, and peanuts along with beverages in the gate area because of the masses of people just hoping to get out of there and this was one time I wished I was drinking Coke.  We caught an earlier flight into the cities, knowing our original plan wouldn’t work (we only had 45 minutes between flights if everything was on time), made it to the cities only to find nasty weather (welcome home!!!!) had delayed our last flight.  “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.  We are down to one runway and the de-icing line is backed way up, so we are just going to sit here with the door open until we know what to do.”  Great.  We did make it home, just a wee bit late, sad thing was our luggage did not, and sometime that day between the airport madness and all the NYC food catching up to my non-trusty stomach, I felt like garbage and had to take a day to recover from vacation.  Life is like that, I guess.

I will gladly go back to NYC – it was really quite fun and if you like feeling insignificant against the backdrop of larger-than-life indulgence and throngs of people taking it all in, you will like it too.


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