Little Bit of this…Little Bit of that

Here is the dealio.  We have this weather today (blue means snow):

Photo: Lisa: We've had a report of 3.6" in West Fargo so far. Totals in the region range all the way up to 16.2" in Bismarck!

Yes, it is (let me double check) April 14th.  Last year at this time, I was wondering if summer would ever come; this year, we are wondering if spring will ever come.  Last year, I was wearing flip flops out to my grill, which this year hasn’t made it out of the garage yet.  This year, I am bumping up the heat and wearing slippers.

Anyway, I have to cook  regardless of the weather, so today was snow day Chinese food day.  I have never been to China, bus I assume these recipes are legit Chinese food.  Of course Pinterest would never steer me wrong.  I didn’t take any pictures because I was hungry, so follow the links.  I made Panda Express Chow Mein -  and if they serve it at Panda Express, it is as Chinese as Chinese jump ropes.  (I wonder if Chinese jump ropes are as French as French Fries?)  We served it with Honey Sauced Chicken and found that if you put it all together, it is very delish.  Everyone who ate it gave rave reviews and the one who couldn’t even stand the smell made herself toast.  The sauce for the Honey Chicken was too runny, so at the very beginning, to the sauce dumped into the crock pot, I added 2 tsp of corn starch and then popped it in a 350 oven while I made the Chow Mein – thickened up a bit.

Also, for lunch today, we made homemade pizza of a different kind.  It was semi-homemade, I guess, because the crust was this:

Spicy Italian Packaging

It was a HUGE hit in our home – each of us made our own and LOVED the outcome.  It says “grill-able” on the package too – so some day, probably in July, we will try this.  Highly recommend for a quick meal.

I should be cleaning and organizing because on Thursday, me and my man are heading out of state, assuming another blizzard doesn’t ground our flight out.  (SHHHHHH, I know, I shouldn’t jinx it!!)  We are heading to New York for some R&R with life-long friends while “Grandma of the Year” comes up to take care of the kids.   But instead of being responsible, I wasted the entire afternoon.  Something about this never ending winter has zapped my energy.  Maybe it isn’t the weather, maybe it is my lack of caffeine – oh yes, still on a roll with that – going on 5 months without it.  I still dream of drinking a fountain Coke from McDonalds once in a while – seriously, I do.  Either way, I should act my age and clean a toilet or two.

I also quit losing weight and decided it was because my calorie intake was too low.  I bumped that up now.  I will let you know how that goes after the season of bulky sweaters ends.  Today, it meant that I could eat more of yummy lunch and supper.

Princess got her contacts in in a quick-like manner yesterday.  We now have 5 contact wearers in the house and have run into problems – mostly while camping.  I have put in JP’s before…yes, gross.  I didn’t die or become all Pirate-y-like.  It is all ok.  Because I went to Wal-mart (and came home to bleach down) and found this beautiful set:


Wal-mart to the rescue.  Although tomorrow I need to run to Pearl Vision and get her another contact because it seems after crying for 20 minutes trying to get her left contact out, I decided to help her.  When I went digging in her eye, low and behold, there was no contact in it (hmmmm….) and she has no idea where it is and when it came out.  Only her.  Seriously.

Also, Minecraft to the rescue.  Again.


Soon, we will have to wash all the winter gear up, pack it away, and get out the gardening supplies.  Dreaming of that day…


…I guess they have now shut down the interstates heading north and west from here – since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  Or not, that would be even nicer.  We need to have school tomorrow because we are at that time of the year when we add days to the end, and that (close your eyes if you are a prude) SUCKS!!   And, we still have a looming flood to deal with…oh the fun that awaits.


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