A Lot of White

I sent JP out with the camera today to capture some shots of the yard.  It is time to begin planning my spring project – foundation landscaping.  This was try #1, granted, we are in a blizzard warning, but it seemed like a few details were missing.


So back out he went with a slightly different camera setting. 

I can’t wait to host patio dinners right here, where our table goes:


We will be digging out the plants here in the front of our home and replacing them with new.  Probably time to start digging.  (No need to feed birds, they haven’t come back yet.)


The time is coming to cozy up on the patio love seat.


Nothing says, “Welcome to our home” like a lovely drift.


Curly found a treasure as well.   Almost looks like she is packing heat, of course heat would be welcome this time of year.


It was yet another snow day Monday around here…ho hum. 

I baked bread (for real) and am about to attempt a new-to-me food – Bok Choy.  I was told that I no longer make anything good around here now that everything is healthy and the kids are sick of eating the alternative PB&J.  Booohoooo, you poor spoiled children.  I am making them homemade pizza so the whining will end.  I just want to grill again, but that would need to go right here:


Last year at this time, it was 76 degrees.  Just sayin’.


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