Please, Winter, Go AWAY!

Recipes we have made and devoured too quickly to take photos of lately:

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Enchiladas

I am in the dull drums of winter and quite frankly my dear, I don’t give a rip about much…just trying to ride out the month of March without losing my mind. 

I liked last spring when it was warm early and the snow was not here anymore except for the piles left over from the one time parking lots had to plow.  This spring, the forecast looks more like more of the same ole January February crap.

We may have 3-5 inches of snow somewhere in the Valley this Friday.  We are in a no-driving-recommended kind of warning, but guess what?  I drove to McDonalds and had a cheeseburger and small fries because I wanted to.

I am sick of hoodies used as daily wear, not something thrown on for a cool evening.  I am sick of my new Columbia jacket.  I am sick of white.  I am sick of worrying that JP will make the drive to school without hitting the ditch.  I am sick of hot dishes.  I am sick of being indoors.  I am sick of socks.  I am sick of the smell of boots and mittens.  I am sick of winter recess duty.  I am sick of waiting.

Ecclesiastes 3, my version today…

1There is an appointed time for everything.  And there is a time for every event under heaven— 
2A time to give birth to patio party planning and a time to die (like anything shows life this time of year);
  A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted.  Plant your veggie seeds indoors about now if you have any hope of a harvest, the growing season is looking mighty short.
3A time to kill your ideas of warm track meets and a time to heal, except this winter’s cold season never seems to go away, so healing will have to wait until you can open windows, which seems to be a good month or two away.
  A time to tear down the snow drifts and a time to build up the landscaping project waiting for the snow to melt;
4A time to weep for all you long for and a time to laugh at those around you who suffer in the same manner;
  A time to mourn the loss of sanity and a time to dance in the rain (again, gonna have to wait for that one.)
5A time to throw stones in puddles and a time to gather stones, not snowballs;
  A time to embrace warm and a time to shun embracing winter.
6A time to search for a sign of things growing outside and a time to give up as lost (like right now);
  A time to keep spring clothes and a time to throw away all the sweaters you didn’t wear this winter – if you haven’t warn them this long winter, you never will.
7A time to tear apart closets for spring cleaning and a time to sew together picnic blankets;
  A time to be silent and nap until March and half of April are over and a time to speak up about how much SAD sucks.
8A time to love snow (Christmas) and a time to hate it (Mid-January until gone);
  A time for war on winter and a time for peace AKA spring.

I hope God doesn’t mind that He and I are not sharing the same thoughts on weather patterns.


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