Overcoming Pot Fear

I spent all day in the kitchen.  Well, the part of the day I was home, anyways, because this morning, Bill was a super trooper and took me to Unglued’s Craft Fest where he learned he wasn’t yuppie enough to enjoy the elements while I mustered up enough tree hugger to thoroughly LOVE the whole thing. 


When we got home, Bill had to do his college boy stuff and the kids were all doing their own stuff (read: Xbox) so I decided to cook the day away so I could head into the week prepared to eat right.

For lunch, Princess and I attempted a kid-friendly Stuffed Pizza Cupcakes.  We had pizza sauce all over our hands, our rolls didn’t stick together, and it was a flippin’ mess, but when they came out of the oven, it was a HUGE hit times four!  This is a fun way to make little pizzas.


Spaghetti Squash Alfredo – Don’t tell the fam.  They don’t like spaghetti squash, so they think.  They wont even know because today I roasted and noodled the squash.  Tomorrow, I will make the sauce part of it and serve it with broccoli.  I wont even tell them and then will wait to see if they notice, just like I did with tofu pudding.

Creamy Taco Soup – Princess is our soup connoisseur.  She gave it a shrug, “It’s alright.”  So I put it over brown rice and Bill and I will eat it as lunches this week.  I think it tastes a little Qdoba-ish.  Bad picture alert!!


Pork Carnitas – I made them with pork chops instead and maybe that was too fat-less a choice because they looked nothing like the photo from the recipe and were slightly dry.  My liquid never got syrupy but Bill really liked the flavor.  I served it with baked brown rice and roasted asparagus.  The Piepers who eat veggies loved the asparagus.  20130223_161900_8637


The big deal today, and I am so very proud of myself, is the proper use of my Dutch Oven.    A couple Christmas’s ago, I asked for a Dutch Oven so I could do stuff like this.  My super smart mother-in-law was all like, “Uh, don’t you have one??”  And I was all, “Nope.”  And then she told me all about how my pot that I make chili and boil noodles and all that normal stuff in was a Dutch Oven.  “WHAT?  I certainly can’t put this pan with plastic handles in the oven!!”  But I looked it up online, and most certainly it can go in the oven.  But I waited until today to actually try it because I didn’t want to ruin my favorite pot.  Dumb me.  It was just fine.


Last on my list was Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken maybe to be served in Chicken Fried Rice if I have enough.  That is going to be lunches this week as well.  Maybe even a supper.  Maybe breakfast – who knows. 

It is 7 O’clock and I am sick of my kitchen now.  I am also sick of snow.  It can be so pretty, like this morning was, but I think we have enough now.  (We have to raise the red flag to Ole Man Winter – a white one wouldn’t show!)



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