Today was Friday

I love Fridays.  I really really do.  I love them in the summer, I love them during the school year.  I like me some family time.  I like wearing my jammies by 6:30 PM.  I love how the girls are holed up in their rooms, JP has a friend over, Bill is studying in his dungeon, and Crazy Man is baking cookies.  Mostly because he must be swinging like a monkey on the blood sugar pendulum and this would be a fun way to get his fix.  I figure it is a good way to get him some bonus math work.

Math – Crazy Man has decided that after his brilliant start this year, he is done with school.  Well, that means an F.  Yep,  summer school may be a deterrent to his little summer-loving self.  So might be his lack of freedom to go to drum lessons and hockey.  Oh yeah, and playing with neighbors – nope, and playing Xbox, nope.  And his life sure stunk this week.  Piepers don’t quit 7th grade half way through.  We finish.   He would like me to add, after I made sure I could blog about this development in our lives, that he is technically not failing anymore after this week’s assignments, which brought him up to a ‘D’.  Woop.

Curly graced our home with an abundance of Girl Scout cookies, after a little shopping fiasco.  She hid them very well after we told her that we (meaning the grown ups) couldn’t eat them no matter how much we begged.  We are not allowed to consume the calories.

I hit the 10 pound loss since Christmas mark – we are celebrating that by eating chocolate chips from the bulk bag from Costco.  Oh the shame.  Maybe it isn’t the chocolate chips that brought the shame, maybe it was the movie popcorn.

Movie?  Yep.  I went to Safe Haven with 10 of my co-workers today.  What I need to say the most is that I work with some super great people who have become extremely good friends and I am so very blessed to be able to work with them.  Second, the movie was pretty good.  We all had read the book, because of course since I work at a school, we emphasis reading.  We agreed that it wasn’t as good as the book, but was a pretty good movie.  Third, popcorn – uh, 200 calories per cup?  Remember that next time you plow through a large bucket of that stuff.  HOLY COW!!  And rinse it down with a mega pop too.  And free refills?  YES!  But, NO!

(Curly just talked on the phone, so now she is putting on hand sanitizer.  That is for you, Cousin J!)

Ok, so my favorite food of the week was fajitas in lettuce leaves rather than shells.  Think of the low-cal move that is.  I always make fajitas heavy on the veggies, so wowsa – a yummy, healthy choice.  Plop on a dollop of  plain Greek Yogurt in place of sour cream and call it awesome.  (Be ready for more juice to roll down your arms without that shell to soak it up!)  One cup of Chicken Fajita filling is 178 calories, according to myfitnesspal, so thinking lettuce really has none and the Greek Yogurt has about 10 calories per tablespoon, if you use the right stuff, you have an under 200 calorie super healthy satisfying meal.


Curly was selected to play the bass clarinet at school – well, at least to try getting air through it.  I also had the privilege of playing the bass when I was in high school and I loved the experience.  I hope she does too, because it is a monster thing for her little self to haul around.

Princess was selected to take place in the MathCounts Tri-City Math Contest.  WHOOHOOOO for pretty and smart! 

And so a friend of ours blogged this week about how she is not perfect – as if.   So guess what?  I think it is obvious that neither am I.  I am mouthy, lippy, and tend to say everything I think.  That is the way I am made.  I like to mutter and complain under my breath.  “In everything give thanks,” the Bible says.  I am working on that.    I am not a perfect wife by any stretch of the imagination.  I am lazy beyond lazy some times.  I surf the internet a lot and waste a lot of time doing so – time I should be doing better house-wifey things.  I like to shop and spend money.  I get jealous easily, but think I am making strides at being happy for others. 

(I just asked Bill to name one of my short comings and his reply: your height.  HAHAHA so very funny.)

I am stir crazy both with life in general (still ponder on going back to school some day) and also because I am SICK of winter.  This time of year pretty much kills my spirits.  I am sick of wearing 100 levels of bundling just to stay warm and taking baths every night to keep the blood flow in the toes going.  My skin is like that of a snake.  And I am allergic to something I am eating (I think) because I have an awesome collection of little bumps all over my arms and legs (ok, and maybe my stomach too) generally called a rash. I blame the wheatgrass.

How is that for transparent.  Also, I need gas in my van – I dreamt that I ran out and it is possible that I have driven it down to fumes.  Bill hates when I do that.


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