An unexpected day off

It is rare to get a complete snow day around here.  It snows, we dig out, we go on with regular life.  Today was one of those rarities.  The first thing we did was dig out and by “we” I mean the boys. 


They walked the snowblower around the hood and helped out three other families.  They were slightly chilled when it was all said and done.


When I found out we had a snow day comin’, I had lofty dreams of all I would accomplish today. My reality is that I didn’t do much at all.  The laundry is still piled up, I didn’t dust anything, my bathroom is still dirty.  That is the way it is.

I spent the day in the kitchen!!  I made homemade bread…with yeast.  In.  The.  Oven.  I have to get permission to share the recipe still as it is another family’s recipe.  But I am so proud of myself.  And it is SO GOOD.  Lucy wants to eat the whole loaf.

The kids didn’t want minestrone soup, so although I made it for us grown-ups, I had to make them something different.  I don’t do that very often, but they really have been troopers while I suddenly changed how we eat around here.  I found this recipe for cheeseburger soup.  Pretty much an artery clogger.  I had to send Bill to Wal-mart to get Velveeta since it is neither a real cheese nor a real food.  AND the recipe calls for sour cream.  YIKES!!  The kids loved it.  It is not cheap to make, nor is it something I will eat, but I will make it again for them.  Because I love them.  And I tasted it and it is pretty dang good.

While I baked and cooked and washed dishes all day, the girls got their sewing on.



It is good to have projects to keep us from going crazy.  Speaking of going crazy, Crazy Man crashed and burned tonight with a migraine.  Good times.  He likes the cold leather and a blanket over his face in times like this. 


When he starts to talk again, he craves cheese.  So now I have to go fulfill his desire for 10 or 15 slices of cheese.  What in the world??  Good night, I am going to cut the cheese.  (That one was for you, Curly!!)


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