Views from the Inside of a Blizzard

It is a snow day – well, it was a snow day.  And now it is a snow night.  And tomorrow is already a non-school snow day.  The natives hunkered down, settled in, got bored, and then went out and had fun.  If you can’t fly somewhere warm, go over to the neighbor’s house and snowmobile and play hide and go seek in the woods – the wind’s effect on the snow covers your tracks in no time.

We have known it was coming for days.  I stocked up on the important stuff – like Oreos (because they are vegan, as I learned on a documentary I watched today from the comforts of my fleece pants and comfy bed.)  I didn’t accomplish a single thing today other than relaxing and slacking, but those two things are things I find to be very important.

The day started innocently enough – the snow coming down was made of the sweet monster flakes that young children (and some child-like adults) love to catch on their tongues.  I was silently hoping that by later in the storm, we would not be able to see the neighbors’ homes.  We hadn’t had a good storm for a long time.


I did get up and shower.  That kind of thing is important.  Mostly because no matter what, a girl should shower every day.  It is a life skill, an expectancy in our country.  But then I took a look outside as the wind started to pick up, and made the decision that we would not be driving in for church and selected my clothes for the day.


It wasn’t long before we got news that Princess would not have play practice and that the mall would be closing.  That is how we knew this was getting serious.  Also, the interstates and other roads in and out of town were closed, I guess that is a sign as well.


Well,  thank goodness for Xbox Minecraft because that game can entertain kids for hour after hour.  Crazy Man took over one TV while Lucy snuggled in.  JP and Curly claimed the other.



College kids who take online classes cant really take snow days.  Bill spent almost the entire day working on homework and even took two quizzes and a test.  


Princess, in mourning over the loss of practice with all her friends today, curled up with a blanket and escaped into a book.


The wind kicked in and the snow began to pile up.  We had great views out our windows.  White. 




So the kids decided to go out and enjoy the fresh powder.  Don’t worry, we tired ropes around their waists in case.  No we didn’t.  Princess does have puffy cheeks here because like every wise squirrel, she knew to shove a PB&Banana sandwich in her mouth to better her odds of survival if she got lost in a drift.


Lucy used to love the snow.  It used to be so much fun and then she wasn’t a puppy anymore.  Even if she thinks it will be fun, her reality is much different.  She still enjoys eating snow, however.


Poor dog needed a potty path shoveled for her by this evening.  We are fully aware that by morning, we wont have a path anymore, but thanks to their work, she can pee tonight.  Her bad knees aren’t great for plowing through drifts or leaping and bounding through the fluff.


It will be interesting to see what it all looks like after the wind kicks it around all night.  I know it is windy out there, the water in my toilet bowl has white caps.

I am sad that we don’t have school.  Sad because Princess’s play is this week and they really needed today and tomorrow’s rehearsals and sad because we have to make this up in March.  Some March day when it is warm (like 35 degrees) and we want to go outside and catch a few rays, we will be in class staring longingly out the window, wishing we were at home.

I plan to accomplish stuff tomorrow.  Baking bread and sewing stuff are the two things on my list other than clean whole house.  That is, if I can force myself into real clothes and out of my bed.

PS>  To the snowmobiler who enjoyed our front yard – the street is about 10 feet further north.  Our yard is marked by all the reflectors.  Kinda simple.


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  1. Erin Schnoor
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 22:55:45

    Love the blog. We just got lots of rain all day today. Wish that it was the snow that you all got. Wow. Tons of it too! Well, stay cozy in the house. Take care the Schnoors


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