Bitter Dip and 20th Reunions

Remember the dip we made yesterday that we thought was bitter?  This one:


Turns out it is really good scooped into the ninja and mixed with 2 bananas and a little almond milk, except I was full after half of it.  So hah, a new smoothie has entered my cache of smoothies.  And with all the ingredients, it is only about 325 calories – eat half and you have a healthy nutrition-packed low-cal start to your day.  My pants are getting looser.  Not loser.  Looser.  I do lose stuff, but usually not my pants because I am wearing them – it is hard to lose stuff you are wearing.  And I mostly am too old to get “pantsed” so I think I am safe in the pant-loser category.

Our 20th class reunions are coming up this summer/fall.  Do I really want to go?  I cannot be the only one who thinks along these lines:

High School was great in so many areas.  I was in band, and I was pretty decent at it.  Band is probably my pride and joy.  I still dream from time to time that I pick up my clarinet and still got the touch, although that can’t actually happen because Curly plays it and it is now full of her germs and neither of us are into germ sharing.  I was a cheerleader, we were pretty stinkin’ good too.  I find that some of the dance moves are still beloved when I bust them out at school.  Yes, I actually do that.  Volleyball was a blast – mostly because I could see under the net without crouching down at all.  That makes for great volleyball moves – when you can vertically jump 100 ft and still not get over the net, why bother?  Not that I could jump more than 6” but whatever.  The year I was track manager was the best – get out of school to go watch people run…genius!! I was in NHS, SADD, Yearbook, and all that other stuff because my class only had 36 kids in it.  36 fellow students who knew too much about me, or pretended to anyways.  Not all of them spent the time to know who I was under all the high school act.  About five were true friends.  That is not a slam against the others in any way, I wasn’t true friends to them either – it goes both ways.  I have kept in touch with high school friends who are life-longers.  The ones who were in our wedding,  held my babies,  and know the real me.  Is that enough?

So now, I find myself trying to decide if going back and seeing everyone is worth the reliving of past years that weren’t all glorious and were full of stupidity.  I am worried that I am not at all who I was those years and it will be hard to present the real me.  I don’t want to know what others remember of me during those times.  High School was a hard time for me.  It has taken me 20 years to not care.  And it all comes back now that the reunion is being planned.

I know I am not alone in this thinking.  Did you all go to your reunions?  Or do you plan to?

Are there really people out there who think they were the bomb in high school, and can’t wait to spend a weekend rehashing it all? 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rachelle
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 17:46:10

    I went to the 10-year reunion, never had a 20-year reunion to my knowledge. It was good to see those that did show up, but it was amazing how many did not show up as many still live in the Remer/Longville area. Most that attended traveled a ways (greater than an hour-some more). Facebook has helped keep in touch with those that I went to school with or that I cared about. People do seem to have fun (at least from what I saw of the ’92 class reunion). It’s kinda fun to see people in person and “catch up” and notice how everyone has grown up (some have not), what they are doing and meet their families. I went to the Daystar all-school reunion in Indiana this summer & had a really nice time seeing those that came. Didn’t seem like one night was enough time to catch up on though. Wish I could have stayed the next day. I say “go for it”. You’ll have fun & if you don’t, well then you know not to go to the 30-year. 🙂


  2. Larisa J
    Feb 04, 2013 @ 18:02:39

    I enjoyed my 20-year reunion a lot more than the 10-year. We had a great bunch of people show up and it wasn’t like the 10-year when you feel like it’s still a “contest” to see who’s done what. I agree w/Rachelle, go and if you don’t have fun, skip the 30-year. 🙂


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