Super Bowl at Home

We were invited to a couple Super bowl parties and we declined each.  We presented the options to the kids but they wanted to stay home.  I am guessing it is because we run run run and are really tired, especially this week.  It is Scout Sunday at our local church, so the guys are helping with that.  Then Princess has play practice from 1 – 5 and remember my horrible mom action of sending Curly to a church retreat (and it is snowing today!) so we expect her home sometime this afternoon/evening.  After all the running is over today, we will regroup at home and spend a quiet evening as a family.

I asked each kid to make something for our Super bowl party, and this is what they came up with.  JP would like chips and salsa, Princess wants deviled eggs, Curly will most likely want something chocolate, and Crazy Man has asked for tiny hotdogs.  I know better than to think I can eat Super bowl party foods while watching what I eat, so I dove into the internet and  cleaned up some of our favorites using recipes I found.

For supper, I am serving Sweet and Sour Chicken complete with fresh pineapple and peppers.  All of this over brown rice.  I am so hopeful that I will love it.  I am not frying the chicken in a pan full of grease, of course – instead I will use a tiny bit of oil and more like sauté the pieces.  (I typed this earlier today, but haven’t posted it – I LOVE this stuff!!!  Bill gave it a 10, Curly gagged and spit it in the garbage.  HAHA)


As for deviled eggs, Princess simply substituted plain Greek yogurt for the typical mayo and it was pretty successful – and pretty darn healthy.  Maybe not quite as light, fluffy, and smooth, but close enough.


I made homemade salsa to go with the chips for JP.  My recipe is found here.  I do have some of the boring stuff in a jar in case he needs that to satisfy his cravings.

Curly came home from her retreat mid-afternoon and launched into this recipe for  Chocolate Chocolate Chip Yogurt Dip.  We plan to dip apples and bananas in it.  So far in the process, it is mighty bitter.  We used plain yogurt – I wonder if the recipe should have been vanilla?  I added some sugar in the raw to the recipe to sweeten it up.


I couldn’t come up with a way to clean up tiny hotdogs.  So we simply opened a package of them, soaked them in BBQ, and told the kids to go at it.

For the week, I made Quinoa Fried Rice.  It is ok, a reminder that we eat to nourish, not eat like hogs while consuming a bazillion calories.

I also made homemade chicken noodle soup and mashed potatoes at the request of my kiddos.

Super bowl half time just got over…if the Calvin Klein Commercial was enjoyable for me, Bill just got to watch a chick gyrate for 15 minutes.  Holy Crap – what is wrong with us?  We are either old –or- America has oversexed everything.  I am going with a little of both, mostly the oversexed part.

Lucy even got a new treat today in honor of all the ladies shaking it at half-time…


It was a quiet Super bowl year for us and I loved spending it in my fleece pants.

…ooooo, power outage in the Superdome…most exciting thing of the night…


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