Got my sassy pants on today…

My sassy pants appear to be denim and look a lot like my favorite jeans, cuz I got both on today.  It started with me poking fun at a couple of friends on Facebook as they complained about the temps and that we had school in these temps.  We live in ND, it is winter.  That is what happens, it is almost predictable.  If this happened in a sissy state, like Florida (wish I was there) or Arizona, by all means, it would be worth freaking about.  Last year was a fluke.   This is January in North Dakota – those who can, leave.  Those who can’t, buck up.  I am packing Curly up for a trip to Church Retreat.  She is riding a church bus.  In this weather.  She plans to ice skate all weekend.  I am a horrible mother or something.  A bunch of little scouts are headed to winter camp to sled and ice fish.  We have fun in winter.  Put on mittens, hats, snow pants and boots and have at it!!

I proceeded to type in one of the funniest comments in the history of Facebook, but I had to delete it before I posted it…it wasn’t appropriate.  But it was funny.

Now it is February in North Dakota.  The days are getting longer again, but is still Holy Crap!! COLD!!!  What will melt your heart and make you all warm and fuzzy?  Valentines day is coming – I hate Valentines day.  It ranks up there right below Halloween on my Holidays I Hate list.  Why?  I don’t need a day set aside to treat people I love differently.  I don’t want $100 bouquets of flowers delivered to me at school (unless you used frequent flyer miles and got them free – yes, this happened once.)  Valentines Day is a sham.  Everything costs a bunch of money and is cheesy.  I don’t like cheesy.  Would I like to go out for dinner on Valentines?  Sure, I always like to go out for dinner.  Would I like to stand in line for an hour to get a table?  Nope.  I don’t want boxes of candy, I don’t want mushy cards, I don’t want stuffed animals.  They all seem so high-schoolish to me.  Valentines day is a day to skip.  Unless Bill wants to show his love for me by letting me bump the heat up a few degrees in the house – that I would accept. 

High School.   Not even sure if I should go there in this sassy mood I am in.  um…nope.  Instead, I will go work on the High School Musical set once again.  It is almost done.  We’re all in this together!!


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