I Would Do Anything For Love

I learned a few things about myself this past 10 days.  First, I learned that I am not single mom material.  I don’t imagine any of us are – some believe it takes a village, but I think it at least takes two so a person can tag team, and let me tell you I sometimes completely tag out and hide in a bubble bath.

The second thing I learned is that I can make my bed like a true champion when it is only me.  Just slide the throw pillows over and whip up the covers – done.  No blanket fight, no pulling everything back where it should be, no crooked comforter, none of that.  I rocked that job.

Third, I learned that I can spread myself pretty thin and live to tell about it.  This week, I was highly involved in all the kids’ activities.  I was there when JP was presented his first Eagle Palm and Crazy Man received his new Scout rank.  I painted the set of Princess’s play like Monet.  I was at the all-city concert.  I watched hockey.  I drove here.  I drove there.  I had other kids over.  I took six kids to church.  And I watched seasons 1, 2 and parts of 3 of The Office with JP. 

I learned that I don’t cook when no one cares.  We ate McDonalds.  We ate Wendy’s.  We ate Little Caesars.  We ate Hardees.  We did this multiple times.  I gained a tiny bit of my weight loss back, but who cares.  I was enjoying my kids.

I still have not drank a caffeine pop.  Thus, I learned I am strong.  And tired.  But more strong than tired.

I learned that when it comes to starting our snow blower, we failed.  Badly.  Thank-you, neighbor who plowed us out.  And now I am going to learn what we did wrong.

All in all, I kept the house clean, the dishes and laundry caught up, and parented like a rock star.  Now I plan to sleep.

So the hubster just got home from a little road trip to India.  Yep, he got to go somewhere where the temp is about 100 degrees warmer than it is here this week.  He always comes home craving beef for obvious reasons – mutton just doesn’t cut it for this farm boy.  Other trips, when he arrived home at normal hours, I had a roast ready for him, or beef stroganoff, but this time, he graced us with his presence at 3AM and all that awaited him was a van with ice and 8” of snow on it for him to scrape off. 

For dinner tonight, however, farm boy is getting healthy muffin tin meatloaf, potatoes, and bathtub corn.  I didn’t add the bell pepper, because I don’t have one.  I did add a cup of shredded spinach because I think spinach will make me healthy and negate the junk I ate today.  They are in the oven now and smell awesome.

Crazy Man complained, “Meatloaf?” as he hunched over the raw mix with distain plastered on his face.  “Don’t worry.  It is pretty good – nothing like the way cartoons make it out to be,” consoled JP. 

And that is why I named this blog I would do Anything for Love.  That is the meatloaf song I sang while squishing all the ingredients through my fingers. 

I would do anything for love...

Thanks, Pinterest, for this lovely graphic.


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