Body Works

This three day weekend brought a little staycation for the Pieper clan.  We went to the cities to get ourselves some culturing.  Things we planned combined with bonus occurrences made for one awesome weekend.

Saturday morning, we went to the Minnesota Science Museum where Crazy Man immediately made friends with a Museum Volunteer talking about bear crap.  They also talked about beaver parts.  This was in the first 3 minutes – the museum was a big hit with him.  He was most impressed by the live baby opossums in a jar, but I never saw proof of that.  (Wow, JP is sitting here and he just learned that ‘possums are actually called opossums.  You might be a redneck if…)

The big draw to the Science Museum was the Body Works Exhibit.  We were excited that the kids were old enough to see plasticized bodies because a few years ago when the exhibit was there, we had to skip it.  Lets just say that the boys had a hard time looking at all the “man parts” on display and that if we learned only one thing, it was that JP does NOT want to be plasticized and put on display.   He saw one too many franks and beans.  Crazy Man was slightly amused by the positioning of the beans on a couple of the bodies.  I hope there are not hidden cameras anywhere in there.   If so, someone watching was getting humored. 

Princess was grossed out completely.  She shivered and it wasn’t in delight.  Curly was most excited to see a brain in a jar, and really was impressed by the spinning brain.  Pretty much, the young ladies walked ahead and found benches until those of us learning stuff caught up. 

After the Science Museum, we ventured to REI where Crazy Man immediately got lost and by lost I mean we didn’t know where he was exactly, but he was in his own glorious mecca of awesomeness.  He loves all things carabineer and oh, do they have a bunch of them!  He came out with a bird call.  Oh, and the kids climbed the rock wall like monkeys.

We went to the Mall of America and watched some hooligans get denied entrance by the Rent-a-PoPo and also found the Peeps store, where I got my most bestest shirt ever.  A big unveiling will occur at a later date.  I found a calendar titled “Peep Show” and wondered if they knew about my Piep Show and figured probably not because I am not all famous and stuff. 

We ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory because Fargo doesn’t have such culture.  They have a skinny menu, and we took full advantage of it.  Someone ate the world’s largest 540 calorie salad and let me tell you, that is a monster plate full of delicious roughage going in and consequential…well, you gotta go to Body Works to understand the rest of the story.  

Sunday brought plummeting temperatures but we never even left the hotel because we spent the day at the Water Park of America.   We climbed 10 stories to raft down the slides.  We floated the lazy river.  We joined 100 others in the hot tub.  We tried the Flow Rider.  We had a blast.  And, we saw more bodies on display than we had at Body Works, and these were mostly overfed, underdressed varieties.  The neatest accessory we saw was an awesome anklet on a lady.  It was black and strapped on and had a box and we are pretty sure the PoPo knew where she was at all times with that awesome piece of bling. 

Sunday night, we all enjoyed winding down by watching a few quality TV shows that are new to us since we are all Amish and don’t have cable.  We were so excited to stumble upon Amish Mafia since were are all up on the Amish scene.  It really didn’t seem like it was all that legit, cuz the guys’ shirts were white.  That is false.  Oh, and they had cars and tractors and cell phones and all that…and tattoos, which are a sign of the devil, so can’t be real Amish.  When that show was over, we found Honey Boo Boo.  Holy Moly, and I don’t even know what to say.  Sad sad truth about society.  Those people really exist, I know that, but they don’t need a TV show.  Except that I laughed a lot.  Because she said she had ants in her butt crack.  And that made me think of Body Works because we saw lots of butt cracks there.  Oh, and at the Waterpark, lots of crack there too.  So, full circle weekend for us. 

We had to cut the trip a little short because Bill had to jet off to sunny warm locations while the rest of the Pieper clan holds down the fort and tries not to freeze our butt cracks off.

PS.  Wanna know how healthy we ate on vacation?  uh…well…ya know.


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