It’s Monday Tuesday

I was a wee bit sick this weekend.  Like wrapped up in fleece under 4 blankets still shivering and then 10 minutes later, stripped nearly naked, sweating up a storm kind of sick.   I didn’t care if I got meds except for muscle relaxants – my body hurt so badly.  It was glorious.  Beautiful.  Horrifying.  I haven’t been sick like that in a forever amount of time.  My man kept the place running and then slept on the couch for the first time in 17 years.  He has slept on the floor before (during the months of bed rest, when I was a beached whale, he made himself a spot at the foot of my bed) but not the couch.  He didn’t like the couch so he moved to the basement and set up his cot.  Not sure if that is a step up.

(All of you who have made fun of my old person bed, I just want you to know that there is no better bed to be deathly ill in – I could lower and raise my head and feet as needed with a simple push of a button – talk about perfecto.  Take that, all you flat bed people!)

I went in to the clinic Monday morning and had the mini-baby-bottle-cleaner shoved into my brain via my right nostril and got the “not influenza, go back to work” speech.  So today, I went back to school, thus my Monday Tuesday.

Just noted on ET – today is Pitbull’s birthday.  As if I even know what he sings…

And back on task.  Right before I got sick, like while I was brewing a killer virus, I made an interesting lunch.  I will call it quinoa veggie primavera.   I based the sauce off of this recipe for pasta primavera with smoked gouda.    Of course I didn’t add zucchini because 1) I don’t own any and I was in sweats = not heading to grocery store and 2) Bill wont eat that stuff and I also omitted mushrooms, because they are a fungus.  I don’t eat fungi on purpose – just a house rule.

Dude, Ferris Bueller is on Modern Family tonight.

Ok, so I didn’t cook the pasta because basically 1) I didn’t have enough of any one kind of noodle and I was in my sweats and 2) I think quinoa is better for me than noodles are and so I cooked quinoa and added about 5 cups of the cooked stuff to the zucchini-less primavera sauce.  And yes, I actually did have smoked gouda in my home because my dear friend Angie taught me to always have good cheese on hand.

Here was the dealio.  I liked it, but I didn’t love it.  Why?  Because the diced tomatoes from Costco and more like stewed whole tomatoes cut into thirds.  I hate big chunks of canned tomato – I would maybe – and that is only a maybe – try this again with tomato sauce instead, or stick the diced stuff into my new BFF, the ninja food processor, which I use almost daily.  In fact, I have never found a home for it in my cupboards because I use it so much.  It chops up all kinds of stuff.  Probably even a finger if you got in the way.

So go ahead and make this stuff if you think it looks good.  There are many things I think are good that you might not like.  Such as…jeez, I don’t know, I have good tastes.  No one can argue with Mt Dew, M&M’s and Doritos.

And I leave with a question…do Amish people own pistols?  If any Amish is reading this…please answer.  JP is learning German, that might help with communications between our two peoples.  Haben Sie eine Pistole?


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