AHAHAHAHA–I am back!!

My beloved laptop crashed in early December.  What that meant was the Christmas letter I had stored on the desktop just sat unprinted and all blogging came to a halt.  I got a Surface.  Super.  I learned how to use a tablet and Windows 8 all at once.  Yes, Bill sent me a tutorial e-mail when the Surface was shipping, but I don’t watch boring techie stuff.  It is bad enough that I have to pretend to listen when I ask him about his day at work.  I don’t even know what his acronyms stand for, nor do I understand his need to bring some of his techie terms into our daily life.  But I am a good wife, so I continue to ask how his day was.  I am sure he is thrilled to hear about my days at my job as well, although my stories are funny.  Seriously funny.  So back on topic.  I didn’t have my blogging software put back on my laptop until today.  I had to wait for Bill to have a weak moment so I could get the software I needed put on this thing.  He needed me to edit something, I needed him to install something – even steven. 


Christmas was great – we all headed to the farm with an uncertain return date and enjoyed the laid-back time there so much that we stayed 8 days.  8 days of eating too much.  8 days of fleece pants with forgiving elastic waistbands and slippers.  8 days of great company and great memory making centered around food. I ate spam.  SPAM, people.  Bill’s mom has a great sense of humor and I tried it. 



Peace and Harmony at Christmas this year…and shooting stuff.



Cross Country Skiing for Lazy People.


Homemade Donuts


Lots O’ Rummikube. 


Dog Wranglin’  – this fireplace visit was earned years ago and finally paid out.  At the farm, dogs don’t come inside the house, but we are working on wearing her down on this rule.  These aint no Motel 6 dogs.  Look how happy Lucy is,

So then we came back (a few pounds heavier) to a house with no groceries and made a conscious decision to only buy healthy foods to replenish our fridge and pantry.  Good-bye, M&M’s so delightful and colorful.  Good-bye, Doritos.  I will miss how you color my finger tips.  Good-bye, my best friend Mt. Dew.  Not for forever, but until I am no longer addicted (can a alcoholic ever drink just one??).  I still haven’t come to terms with the idea that I am a Mt. Dewaholic,  never able to control how much I drink.

I have been hauling my lunch to work, and have co-workers asking for recipes so here I go again, recipe-ing until once again, I fall off the bandwagon and start eating foods of the devil.  Bill is hoping this is a life-long change, and I think for the most part, it may be.  But then, I have said that before and went right back to shoving my hand in the chip bag.  Naughty me. 

We are using MyFitnessPal.com to track our calories.  Did you know that my after school snack of a McDonalds #2 with a Coke had almost as many calories as I eat in a day now?  I loved eating those.  Seriously.  So once in a while, I eat a cheeseburger and steal a couple fries from my kids just for fun.  Gotta live a little.  I have managed to cut up and eat 3 pineapples in a row – in the past, the pineapple on the counter was for decoration and then when I noticed the puddle under it, I would say, “oh, darn, Looky what I forgot again!” and throw it away.  I also have made my bed every day, but that has nothing to do with my eating habits, I am just proud.

So what diet are we on?  We are on the Eating Healthy, Eating reasonable calorie diet.  It seems to work pretty well.  Granted, I miss the ability to drink the Dew under stress, but after 4 days of wanting to cut my own head off due to lack of Dew, I am clean and clear.  Two weeks sober today.  Kinda a big deal for me.  Last time I was serious about this, I made it 4 1/2 months.  I think I can go longer this time.  It is all a competition, either way, I win, right??

The first recipe to share comes via Ms.  February.  The only change I made was to add an extra can of white beans to the pot.  Maybe they were navy – I am not sure. I even used super healthy noodles found in the super healthy section of our local grocery store.  That is how I roll these days.

Classic Minestrone Soup    Enjoy!!!!

Also, one last thing – Our little Princess has been having stomach issues lately.  Much testing, much figuring out “what the hey!”  and we still don’t have solid answers but for sure, she is lactose intolerant, so our entire home is shifting a little bit that way so you may note that in some of my recipes I post, I have left out milk or used fake milk – you know the type, gross stuff passed off as milk.  Blech.


Uffda! This one has been long.  But so much to share!!  I hardly got started. 

Happy Mid-January, everyone!!!


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