What Concerts are Really Like

I picture going to my kids’ concerts like this: perfect seat, great company, and then relaxing and enjoying watching my children and their band mates play beautiful music.  However, reality is slightly different.  We generally don’t get to the events all that early because nights like last night are common.  Princess and JP got home with Bill 20 minutes before we turned around and headed back in – eat supper, change clothes, get beautified, run back out door.  There may or may not have been tears involved in this 20 minute span last night.  We were supposed to be there at 6:00 and whipped into the parking lot at 6:03.   Not too shabby, except one Pieper, who often goes by a royal nickname, forgot to eat supper.

Get to concert.  Find seats.  Note that even though you are 1/2 hour early, it seems many parents got there in Black-Friday Best-Buy fashion and have saved rows and rows of seats, leaving you with a side seat about half way back.  Get camera ready – out walks band.  And here are my views of my little drummer boy from the first concert of the evening:




Awesome.  Second concert was coming up, so we decided when all the parents piled out from the first that we would move for a better view.  Good idea.  Curly picked out our seat based off where she would play from.  The new seat worked much better.


Except when the full band came out and Curly was right in front of us, all I wanted to do is climb up there and “boi-oi-oi-oing” her curls.  Any girl can smooth it out, but it takes God given awesome hair curls to pull this off.  “Where are her sweat pants?” You ask.  “I know!!!!”  I reply.  “How normal she is to be wearing dress pants!!”


One small issue remaining.  Where is Princess? 


See that tiny head in the back – our only view of her all night.  Seems that being short + playing percussion behind a huge band = ability to hide all night.

Good thing we have a big zoom lens.  Too bad I didn’t feel like getting it out.  Smile



She wants to be the guest conductor.


Hug your kids tight tonight!!  Enjoy the tiny moments of crying about shirts.  Treasure the goofball conductor.  Revel in your kids’ talents.  Appreciate their friends.  Applaud their efforts.  Savor each moment.  You may not always have the best seat in the house, but you are in the house.  Be in the moment.


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