Why I don’t blog often

I made it through the political season without a ranting blog, without frothing, and without saying things about stupid people I may or may not regret later.  I am not sure where that leaves me, but I didn’t blog about politics, and for that, I hold my head high.  Because I have strong opinions and I worry at times about what kind of world my kids are going to grow up in.  I watch Revolution, it isn’t that far fetched. (Princess and I are buying up all the cool necklaces around so we can make power some day when only people with cool necklaces can make make power.)  I am also going to get a handgun and some ammo and maybe a carry and conceal.  Because I am nuts.  Mostly I think women who pack handguns look more sexy on TV, and nearing 40, I gotta do what I can.

I haven’t blogged about my Facebook insights.  First, the recent bombarding of Facebook invites: invited to a party every week, I could supply the whole town I live in with any direct sale item they may want.  Not only am I invited to parties, but I get specific messages about products that are **sure** to help my family.  “I am sure your kids have zits,” one said.  “No thanks.  First, really???  And second, pinterest has every home remedy I might every need for zits.”  Unless you are selling sleep, back off – we are doing fine.  I also have an influx of friends becoming photographers.  Even Bill noticed the masses of photography businesses opening up and using Facebook as their free advertisement.  I own the camera lenses too  – maybe I should join the ranks.  If you want me to take pictures of your family, let me know, my rates are super cheap, but I am really in high demand with all the taking of pictures of my own kids, so book early – my next available time slot is probably in late January, and that is only if we get the sets for Princess’s next musical done before then.  I just want my Facebook to go back to updates about what is going on in peoples’ lives, not necessarily what they are having for dinner because I don’t care and no one else does either, but because I am more interested in people than in all that other stuff that shows up.  However, I have one exception.  If you see funny stuff on pinterest, please copy it to your wall so we can all enjoy.  I take great joy in that, even if it is a little iffy, like me.

I think, but I have thought it before and been very very wrong, that we might see a slow down in daily life craziness for a while around here.  That may or may not leave me more time for blogging.  Why not blog more if I have more free time?  Because I nap more often now.  Seriously, it is colder, darker, and I like sleep.  I like jammie pants, I like warm baths at 5 PM, I like laying in bed watching TV.  I like sleep.  And I like snacks.  Just a little trivia for you.

I may be blogging more often because I am one week into a healthier diet again.  Not a diet but a life style change – that I may or may not stick to – and often I blog the recipes because I think they might inspire someone else to join me in my suffering.  And tis the season to suffer through sugar withdrawals.  Hey guess what?  Wednesday, we don’t have school, so I am make a bunch of pies for Thanksgiving again.  I will maybe let you know if my new recipe is good.  Depends if I take time to blog it.

So I don’t get around to blogging much anymore because I don’t have a lot of time to sit around.  And also, I don’t have much I can legally blog about.  With my work for the CIA (and I am not involved with the Petraius mess), I really can’t blog about my work.  I could blog about what we do all the time, but I am generally too busy doing it to blog it, but now I have a Surface, and once I get my non-tech brain wrapped around how to use my phone’s internet to run my Surface, maybe I can blog more while waiting in my sexy minivan for one of the Pieper clan to wrap up their activities.

I don’t know.  I am kinda in a rut – the kind of rut that wants to crawl in my cave and talk to few people.  Sometimes, I need to sit and stare at a TV or mindlessly surf the web just so my brain can have downtime.  Is that bad?


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