Just Popping in to Say “Hi!”

I tell ya, to have the time to sit down and write about all the stuff that goes through my head.  You have no idea what you are missing.  Seriously. 

We have had some weeks that ran us ragged.  For real.  I have been SICK with no time to really do anything about it. 

JP is the cause of most of the crazy.  Not as in Crazy Man kind of crazy, just freshman in high school kind of crazy.

He achieved his Eagle Scout rank a week and a half ago.


Last week, he ran in two Cross Country meets.  Season is now over.  But he earned his first letter, we are told.  That is super cool.


He and Bill ran a half marathon today, and he kicked butt.


He is about to start behind the wheel and then take his Driver’s License test, and maybe that is why my stomach has been so bad.

We spent NDEA at the farm, which is where every under-the-weather me should be.  My mother-in-law takes care of me like she is a nurse or something and also takes care of all the kid stuff.  While she made and fed them cookie dough cheesecake, cheeseburgers, and waffles piled high with strawberries, chocolate chips and whipped cream, I ate Cream of Wheat, mashed potatoes, and plain noodles.


This was a “heck no” for me.  But I can drool.


Instead, I ate this.

I have mentioned my stomach issues before, yep, they are back in rare form.  I have consulted with a stomach guru, and will be eating only plain things, mostly in some sort of liquid form, until this stomach era comes to an end and once again, I can eat something with flavor.  I have been thinking of eating clean again, so game on.  Can you put bacon in a blender?

We had middle school parent-teacher conferences.  Seems Crazy Man likes to talk a lot.  But in a good way.  Seems Curly doesn’t.  And that is a concern.  Why?  Why does her quietness concern anyone – the fact that she is there, pulling great grades, and not freakin’ should be good enough.  Seems Princess finds school to be easy.  Good for her.  Life is great in 7th grade.  7th grade is awesomeness.  7th grade is all roses no thorns.  For this week anyway. 

Crazy Man made it into jazz band – pretty cool deal that will add Tuesday and Thursday early AM drop-off’s back into our schedule for the school year.  He does love his drumming, though, so it is a good thing and we (and by we, I mean Bill) will drop him off with a smile.

What else is new around here?  Oh, Lucy.  Yes, Lucy on steroids is a horrible monster.  She has been peeing on carpet, eating tons of human food that she steals (like entire loaves of bread) and at the farm, she decided to eat her entire container of glucosamine tablets.  About 50 of them down the hatch.   So guess what?  After a call to the vet, she also puked up about 50 of them thanks to the hydrogen peroxide treat we were told to give her.  YUMMY!! 

I think that is a quick wrap-up of life lately.  I have a couple awesome ideas for blog entries, the best of which is My Dog is a Democrat.  See if I get time to write that one, it might be a classic.  Or, it might just be an awesome exposition that only is reality in my mind.  Until then…


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