Hi Ho a Dairy-O a Shopping We Will Go

I’ve been a little too busy this week to type out blogs, although so many times a day, I hear myself saying, “Ooooo, this will make a great blog entry.”  I never get around to it, which is the way it should be when we have four kids who run us around.

Last weekend was the around 20th Annual SIL Shopping Trip.  It has changed from a day trip to the Mall of America to an overnight mostly at the Albertville Outlets.  For a couple years we invited friends.  Then we decided we mostly chose to be in each other’s company and drew our circle back in to just us.  We always giggle about how much more we spend now compared to the year I traveled down with $2 in my pocket.  (Ok, we giggle, while our husbands vomit.)

This year, I was alone in the traveling, but I made the most of it.  It was worth the 6 hours by myself because the shopping part of it was one of the best experiences yet.  Maybe it is age, but the older I get, the more I am aware of how blessed I am to have these women in my life.  All different.  All awesome.  (I am the short one built like a farm girl.)


The shopping day began at one end of the outlet mall and worked all the way down to the other end, then across the street.  We worked the place like pros.  We stuck together, mostly on the hunt for the elusive gray button-down dress shirt in 3T with no luck, but the search for everything else was successful.

We found a new jacket for my recess duty, for when it gets “slightly” cold here in ND.  I can put a couple of the really cold kids right in here with me.


I got a bargain on my new jeans.  Good thing I know how to hem.  Does anyone need about 3 feet of denim? 


These were made for the jolly green giant.  Or Paul Bunyan. 

And we are known to flood sometimes around here, so I got a deal on what would be hip waders on anyone else, but on me, are arm pit waders (if they fit over my hips.)


  No shopping trip is complete without a 2fer with my Asian sister-in-law.


We were laughing so hard (some of us were more like hiding in shame) when we had an accident in a pair of pants so we had to write a disclaimer on the tag.


I was enjoying a good shopping trip at Cabela’s with the ladies when I stumbled across the fudge counter.  Who knew Cabela’s had a fudge counter??  ME!!!!!  It is the whole reason I was willing to go there twice in one shopping trip.  Would I like some samples?  Uh, let me think on that while I remember how easily those jeans slid on down in the size 54 waist section.  YES!!!


Sidebar:  Vikings are 2-1.  Just needed to remind a few people of that.

A little Mt Dew to wash down my fudge sample? Happy Camper.


I was worn out from the spending spree, so I hunkered down while the rest of them scoured the shelves.


I took my eyes off Missi for just a couple minutes while I caught some ZZZZ’s and couldn’t find her anywhere, it was like she disappeared.

cabelas_edit Large e-mail view

It was a super fun weekend.  I hung out with some of my favorite people and came home with a lot of junk in my trunk.


What?  You want a close up of the bag?  A Hollister bag is like a trophy, I survived the walk though.


Before I knew it, it was time to hit the road and head for home.  Bonus: a double-nutter for the road.


WHOOOHOOOOO for a fun family!!!  I am blessed.


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