Batten Down the Hatches!!

The mice are trying to find a home for winter.  Crazy Man found one in the boys’ window well this evening and Bill sent them on a hunting mission.  NO MICE WELCOME AT OUR HOME!!

Crazy Man used our HBR 2012 supplies.  Well, come on now – hummingbird does not = mouse.   Out came the hockey stick.  No luck. (It had burrowed down in the rocks.)


Fun trying though, so much fun that Curly got in on it.


Then JP, the animal slayer, came home and took on the challenge with real equipment.  I warned, “Please don’t bounce that off a rock and get yourself.”


And he came back in with this big wicked smile.  “I chopped it in half!” He declared.  “It started running away, but I got it!”

“Holy Crap, get the camera!!”  I said. “This is blog material!”

“I’m comin’ too!”  Curly exclaimed, checking for organs (remember, she wants to be a vet!)

“That is disgusting!”  Princess stated. But she came out a stood by me, not close enough to see a thing.

“AWESOME!!!”  Chimed in Crazy Man and he touched the victim, of course.

I wouldn’t get close enough to either half of the mouse to take a photo.  I really didn’t want to see it.  But JP and Curly did.


Yeah, JP killed one of God’s creatures with the Bowie Knife he got at the church auction. 

No mice welcome!  The critter learned the hard way – don’t run from the law! 

Rest in (two) pieces, furry little fella!


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