Great Stuff from Middle School Days

Q.  What is deductive reasoning?  A.  “Boring stuff.”  — Girls studying for Math Test

For World Geography, my girls brought home a work sheet that would help calculate our family’s ecological footprint.  Questions included:

What is the square footage of our home?

How much have we spent this month on items not needed for survival?

How many cars?  What years? How many miles per week per?

My answers:  Some days, this house is too big (like when I have to clean it) and some days, it is too small (like when I want to host a state dinner.)  It is bigger than many and smaller than most my neighbors.  Now ask me about garage space.  Smile

How much have we spent this month?  Uh, we got a car, which wont look good for the car question either.  How much is needed for survival?  On a day like today, Coke, Doritos and M&M’s are needed, don’t you dare question my shopping patterns.  Especially when I am about to spend the weekend shopping in the cities.

Cars?  HAHAHAHAHA – we just became a 3-car family, we are horrible people like that.  Wasting the natural resources of the middle east.  Driving them wherever we want, whenever we want.  Dumping gas into them like water flowing from Niagara Falls.  One of them is even a large SUV.  Gasp.  But hey – at least we aren’t a four-member family driving around in it.  We often fill it to overflowing.

On a positive note for the conservationists out there, we do put stuff in our recycling can.

Is any of this anyone’s business?

In another class, the teacher told everyone how triplets used to be rare but are now more and more common because woman are using shots these days (as quoted by Crazy Man.)  Crazy Man had great joy in announcing he was a triplet to the whole class – they really like finding special moments to share that info.  So then, the triplets wanted to know if they were “natural” or “shot” babies.  Uh, that is one sickly simplified list of options. 

How were my triplets conceived?  Whahooo, uh, how were your babies conceived and do we really want to discuss this in middle school?  I think most of them know how this all works.  What else do you want to know about our personal life?

Yup, today sucked, and my butt hurts so don’t mess with me.  What?  My butt, specifically my left butt cheek.  Thanks, hip flexor and IT band.  I love how you make me feel today…crabby.  

And not in the mood for math homework. 


If IT + HF = PITB, I have to go ice my butt.  Just gonna go chill now.


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