Photo Story of our Week


Pretty cute, huh?  Yeah, zoom out a little.


Uh, she is not allowed on our bed.  Now she is not so cute.


The kids got their school pictures back.  Princess says, “Hey, it looks like I have long hair!”  Uh, duh.  And we noticed that Curly wore the same thing she wore for her 5th grade pictures – she is not the first Pieper to do that.  Crazy Man did it in 4th and 6th.  Oops.  Main difference is the missing gap in her teeth.


BUT, this will be the last picture with glasses.  Another Pieper got contacts bringing our contact wearing total to 4.


The camper and boat are both winterized and packed away.  Two thumbs down for that!!! 



But, we have to make garage space for our newest family member, Goldie.  She is  **cough cough**  NOT JP’s, she is our family car that he will drive.


For date night, Bill and I took the Denali through the car wash.  We are pretty romantic like that.  Also a romantic piece of date night is that JP was with us, and we took him running-shoe shopping.


He needed new shoes because shin splints suck.  And he spends a lot of time running.  Bonus points for posing for picture with little brother in front of his friends.


Curly also runs.  Sorta.  When I asked her why she doesn’t run faster (because I know she can) she told me she doesn’t like getting tired.  AMEN sister!!  At least she has good shoes.  I paid her $2 to wear a headband for this meet – baby steps, people.


See how no one is around her?  Yeah, uh, that is because they were probably all done by now.  And back in their cars.  In the McDonalds drive through.

It was a great week.  One full of laughing and time spent with the most important people in my life. 


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