“You Didn’t even Think of Mom?”

As mentioned earlier, Bill and I spent the weekend in the cities.  It was between the shopping all day and the wedding rehearsal that we decided we probably should eat.  (Bill is a wild shopper man – he bought so much stuff for himself, freeing me up for a little bingeing in a couple weeks when I enjoy another Sister-in-law Shopping Trip.  For this freedom, I am thankful.  Back to topic.)  We pulled through the drive-through at Culvers, ordered a sandwich for each of us and a large chocolate malt to share.  If you have not tried a Culvers chocolate malt, rush to your nearest and try it – my only regret is that I didn’t find them ten years earlier.  No, that is not true.  My main regret is that I made the mistake of pretending that once Bill started suckin’ that puppy through a straw he would let me have my share.  Before I knew it, I hear that horrible gurgle that means that the cup is now empty and I got about one sip.  He does that to me ALL THE TIME!!!!!

On the way home, we ordered a medium fry to share, and he says, “You should take your half now before I eat them all.”  And I took a stand.  “No!” I replied,  “You learn the social skill of sharing.  This is completely stupid.  You are almost 38 years old, it is time for you to exercise self control!!”

Fast forward to a couple hours after we got home.  The girls came running in and asked me what I thought of the bars Grandma left for us to try.  “Oh, they are gone,”  I answered.  “What?”  they gasped in disbelief.  “We left some for you and Dad to try.”  Well, should I be surprised when upon interrogation Bill admitted that he had eaten them all?  “You didn’t even think of Mom??” a dismayed Curly questioned.


Shocked, I tell ya, shocked.


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