Dude, we are so cashing in!!

It has come to our attention that some Piepers somewhere have landed a jackpot.  The story of my very rich millionaire husband just continues to roam around, growing by the day, details becoming more and more far fetched.  Seems Bill not only is a rich farmer now, but he grows potatoes on his land and ships them overseas.  Fantastic, I say.  I love potatoes.  Mostly of the French Fried and Chipped varieties.  I love potatoes dipped in Sour Cream and Onion.  I love potatoes served up laced with cheese and rebaked.  I love potatoes of the Curly Fry family.  I love them in a bag, I love them in a can, I love them baked and loaded with broccoli, bacon, and cheese.  Tater Tots are great too – especially on top of a casserole. 

Then, from a whole new source, we got a lovely e-mail today and maybe some of the story makes a little more sense.  Seems some distant relative, who I am sure we are actually direct heirs of but somehow, there was a paperwork mistake, is offering a little land for sale.  If you have a cool $18mill laying around, this might just be what you are looking for.

I wish it was ours to sell, but we seem to be the wrong Pieper family.  Darn.  What could we do with that kind of money?  I asked the boss.

Bill would first pay off the house and then beyond that he has no idea.  But with a smile and a laugh, he says it would become our short-term emergency fund. (I am loving an 18 million dollar short term emergency fund.  Think of all the emergencies I could come up with for 18 million.)  And then his over practical side kicked in and he said, “I wouldn’t sell the land.  I would become a potato farmer.”

$18mill emergency #1 – I need a new car – my van got a dent in the door this weekend.  I am thinking Dodge Viper for starters.

$18mill emergency #2 – I need to go to so many places and spread the good news – like maybe Bora Bora and Costa Rica.

$18mill emergency #3 – All my clothes suddenly don’t fit.

$18mill emergency #4 – I need liposuction and a few other contouring procedures.

$18mill emergency #5 – I need a pergola.

$18mill emergency $6 – I need a lake home.

$18mill emergency #7  – I need a beach home.

Then we can get practical.  I need a housekeeper, chef, and gardener at each of my homes.  I need a laundress.  I need a masseuse.  Ah, and a pool boy.  Do potato farmer wives get pool boys?  I need someone to serve me all my mashed potatoes…these grew right there in my land.

Gotta go harvest me some spuds.


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