Goodbye, Margins

A couple weeks ago, last time we were in church, our pastor preached about the need to keep margins – margins meaning downtime.  I went home and thought very hard about how to reduce stress in my life and create time to allow myself to simply be and came up with three little words:  June, July, and August.  Now, with a quick flip of the calendar, they have vanished and we are back to the rat race.  But not without one last hurrah. 

This past weekend was spent with all but one of my extended family members.  That one party pooper decided he had to move back to college this weekend – bah humbug.  We pulled campers out to my brother’s “cabler” – which is a trailer house on an almost-lake-lot.  Yup, that is how we roll.   In our camper, our dog often breaks the not-on-my-bed rule, but you can see I get really mad about it.


Fishing, wakeboarding, tubing – we have a boat for every activity. 


Four kids learned how to wakeboard this weekend thanks to a very patient Uncle Bill.  A very happy JP won the Family Fishing Tournament trophy with his 19” Walleye.  I don’t know if they forgot to set rules before the tournament but there was a slight disagreement over whether heaviest or longest won.  Either way, he made off with all the champion fishing lures and that is all that matters.


We had a 7:30 AM 5 mile fun run, although only two of the participants found it to be fun at all.  “Smile!!” I said.   “But I am not happy,” was the reply.  JP kicked Bill’s butt completely, which was a long time coming – Bill hasn’t ever let JP be faster than he is but that day, within the first 100 yards, Bill said he knew his ruling days were over.


This little guy, who is the family baby, found every way possible to get licorice and a “pop drink” from his aunties.  To oblige is our job, especially when mom doesn’t know.


The girls were there as well, of course, although slightly outnumbered.  They all spent most of the time tubing.  Once, they were attacked by a giant wiener, but I will blog all about that awesome experience later this week when I have pictures.  I will leave you with this beauty:  “Hey Boys!!!!  Get away! Your wiener is drenching me!!!”

What??  The camera battery went dead after about 3 hours?  Yes, that is how things go when we are back in the rat race.

It was 3 action packed days – Lucy can hardly walk, the boys have great allergies plugging their heads, Crazy Man sports an awesome sliced finger, and I am sunburned.  It measured up to a successful weekend.


Fall camping is great – the fire actually feels good because it cools down at night!


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  1. Christie
    Sep 03, 2012 @ 23:46:13

    In heaven, “can our houses be beside each other so we can play together?”, as Max would ask. Sounds like a blast. I wimped out & didn’t want to drive 4 1/2 hrs. ea. way to our family. Way to go on making it happen!


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