A Fun Project

I was visiting a friend’s yard two weeks ago, and she had some really cool tall metal things in her gardens.  These cool things had climbers growing up them and baskets of flowers cascading out the top.


I had no idea what they were, but soon she told me about inheriting them when they bought the farm.  She mentioned they were old metal silage feeders and totally made my day by asking me if I wanted one.  Uh, does cow poop stink?  SURE!!


So we loaded that thing up and put Crazy Man on the job.  Clean it up, paint it, and make mom super happy about a cool growing thing-a-ma-bobber.

First, he hosed it down to get all the barn junk off it.


Then mom got out a brush, much to his delight, so he could scrub it down.  Boy oh boy, that kiddo loves to clean stuff.


Then the exciting part came.  After a mecca to Wally-World to pick out a paint, the Crazy Man got to work painting this beauty.



I now have a really cool garden climbing thing-a-ma-bob and a beautiful patch of RustOleum-coated grass.


I plan to put this climbing thing right in the middle of this new circle I have.


Yep, we got curbed edging put in a week and a half ago, and now we have the fun project of killing off grass, digging out sod, and moving rocks AGAIN.  It seems like something we have been doing since the kids were three years old.

2003-04-23_102129  2003-04-23_102146

2003-04-23_102150  2003-04-23_102503

Yeah, we were busting out the large equipment back then.  I bet we will get it done a lot quicker this time with only a wheelbarrow and muscle.  Homeownership is one project after another, and sometimes, the same project over and over and over.


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