8 reasons why I love to send my kids to school

Earlier, I blogged about the 8 reasons I don’t like sending my kids back to school.  It is all true, but it left me wondering why I send them at all.  I thought about it for a day and the answers were very clear.  I send my kids to school because of the people and experiences they encounter there.  Yup, even the bad ones.  If life is scripted to be perfect for you as a child, how do you get the skills to deal with reality?  So yes, Mrs. I-hated-having you-for-math-for-my-oldest, and-now-my girls-both-have-you-too, here we come, with smiles.  And Mr. I-pick-on-your-son-on-the-bus-because-I-feel-like-a BIG MAN-when-I-do, bring it, you are teaching my son what not to be.  Middle school, we will master you this year.  High School, we will figure you out as well.  We can do this.

The minute I met her, I knew she was far beyond my expectations for a seventh grade Language Arts teacher.  I could see she would enjoy my son’s humor and immense love of reading.  I knew she would also secretly find funny his deep hatred of creative writing – most teachers had.  Since first grade, we have heard, “His reading skills are way way above normal, but we are pulling him back in an effort to catch his writing skills up.”  (You are teachers, not God, so good luck to you!)  We hit it off immediately – a strong teacher-mom bond formed and I knew this lady would be an overwhelming source of encouragement, safety, and love for my son.  I could tell she would treat my son as though he was her own.

Who knew the roller coaster ride JP’s tender mind and heart would go on that year?  After his grandpa’s cancer diagnosis, I contacted her and prepared her for the turmoil I knew JP would go through that year.  It was evident in his grades in her classroom.  Set backs brought D’s; good news brought A’s.  She supported him through it all.  

The day Grandpa passed away, JP was at scout camp hours from home.  As he walked across the field, who’s path crossed his?  Yes, there she was, dropping her own son off, and also exactly where she needed to be to once again support my son.  Mrs. Anderson is an example of why I love to send my kids to school.

He doesn’t like school.  Sitting in a desk struggling to learn the skills that come naturally to his brother and sisters is a daily reminder that he is “not as smart as they are.”  (His words.)  He will never be a 4.0 students, but he will make a great impact in his world.  He dreads the start of the school year more than any of us do.

Yet, he will ask me if the teachers are working at the elementary school during these last days of school.  Crazy Man wants to bike over with a Dt. Coke and give it to his beloved Mrs. Haaby.  Why?  She loves him.  And the feeling is mutual.  She looked past his wiggles and struggles and saw his great character.   She was his 2nd grade teacher and for the following 3 years, he risked the wrath of mom and dad, stealing money from us to buy her Dt. Cokes.  (It took us a long time to figure it all out.  Smile  )  Mrs. Haaby is one of the reasons I love sending my kids to school.

I can’t teach my kids German.  German 101 is a reason I love sending my kids to school.  

She loves to dance and sing, and although she can do those things in front of the bathroom mirror, there are no cast and no crew here.  She loves being on stage and being part of a production.  She doesn’t get nervous like I would, she lives for that. 

Mrs. Brekke not only directed the school play, she was one of her most beloved teachers.  She set the standard high in the fashion world too, and we use her as a measuring tool when shoe shopping.  “Would Mrs. Brekke wear these?”

Princess has no problem with school – it is the plugging in part that is more difficult for her.  She has no interest or ability to be in a sport.  Running around the neighborhood is fine, but organized sports?  I think not.  But belonging to a group that has the same bent she does?  Priceless.  To find a teacher who encourages that area of life is priceless.  And you know you are loved when you become and adjective in a household.  “Oooo, that outfit is very Mrs. Brekke.”  Mrs. Brekke is a reason Princess loves going to school.

Band. What a valuable life skill my kids have been taught, starting way back in kindergarten when my kids were the last lucky ones to have Mrs. Schultz there.  She instilled the basics of music but so so so so so much more.  I have blogged about her before. I can’t say enough about her impact on my kids – encouraging Princess to sing and allowing Crazy Man to explore his love of percussion.  Ah, I love this lady!!

Mrs. Schultz was the first reason I loved sending my kids to school.  And the fact that I can’t play any instrument but a tambourine makes band lessons a reason I love sending my kids to school.

School lunch – makes the kids appreciate my cooking.  I love sending my kids to school to enjoy school lunches.

Curly and Mr. Rossow are two peas in a pod, other than one is male and one is female, obviously.  Same hair and everything – uncanny.  Jokers, say it like it is, don’t-mess-with-the-way-I-do-things-or-it-will-mess-me-up kind of people.  The year prior to Curly being in Mr. Rossow’s 5th grade class had been very tough on her – her sensory system had once again gone AWOL on her and she was unable to process her surrounding and anxiety took over.   Did she want to go back to school the next fall?  Sure, because she was going to be in Mr. Rossow’s class, and she knew he was just like her.  Oh, the jokes she learned and retold, and the stories she brought home from school, and to see the joy on her face and with time her ability to drop her defenses and roll with things again was priceless. 

She also had some friends along the way that picked up purple music books for her and asked for pink paper when needed.  Sounds crazy, huh? 

Those friends, guided by Mr. Rossow, were a huge reason Curly liked going to school in 5th grade.

My kids learn about differences and similarities amongst people groups at school.  There, they are exposed to the haves, the have-nots, the brilliant, the naughty, the ELL kids, the Muslims, the jocks, the geeks, the spoiled rotten and they learn to work with each of them.  That is one of the great reasons I love sending my kids to school.  Practice for real life. 

And one more thing to emphasize.  I don’t like going back in the fall.  Do you like going back to work after vacation?  But I LOVE the people I work with.  And the children are fantastic, even on bad days.  My life is a sweet gig.

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6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melanie @ M&M
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 08:41:44

    Wonderful post! I wish I’d know you when my kids were in school. You have a fabulous attitude.


  2. Jamie@southmainmuse
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 08:58:25

    So you are a teacher? God bless you. Though I love kids too — maybe it would be different hanging with them all day if they weren’t my children. Whom I love dearly, but is seems better when someone else teaches them something. Homework around here is a huge battle.


    • debpieper
      Aug 21, 2012 @ 14:07:37

      I am a special ed para. I love the kiddos, but yup, I battle my own some days around here too – Homework is pretty much torture.


  3. mommylisa (@mommylisa)
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 13:38:30



  4. Mary Anderson
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 16:01:51

    I am ONE PROUD and touched Mrs. Anderson! Thank you so much for your kind words. I love my job. Getting to know children like James and families like yours…. continues to make my 25th start exciting, rewarding and just the right kind of challenging. Thanks again for sharing. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT MEANS TO ME! I love your blog! HOW COOL!


    • debpieper
      Aug 21, 2012 @ 14:08:20

      Our odds were so good to get you again – shooooooot!!! We will never forget his 7th grade LA teacher – NEVER!


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