All good things must come to an end but why???

A mom like me (and what exactly that means, I don’t know) doesn’t like summer to end.  Sure it means I have to go back to work and start getting up and all that junk, but mostly I HATE sending my kids back to school.  Of all the kids in the world, I like mine the most!  GASP!  I know there are day cares and moms out there counting down the days, but I am ignoring the truth that all good things must come to an end for many reasons.


1.  We will lose our Pieper identity.  We run a mind-numbing schedule during the school year.  Two taxis in constant states of go hauling kids to places unknown and well-known and in the middle of that chaos, we lose our sense of family unit.

2.  My kids grow up but we are too busy to enjoy the process during the school year.  “I am sorry your pants are 3 inches too short, when did that happen? I don’t even have time to deal with it.”  “What, Crazy Man?  You need a haircut?  That is going to have to wait until next month when I have a 2 PM opening.  Put it in a braid!”


3.  Sending them back is a very in-my-face step in the process of them growing up.  Another measurable year older.  Another stage of parenting begins.  Another chapter of their childhood over.

4.  Forcing of them onto a set schedule isn’t always the best for them.  I have two who really don’t “do” mornings.  They get that from me.  I like who my kids are when they can sleep and eat when their bodies tell them to.  They seem healthier.

5.  No more bonfire lunches!  Really, today, we roasted hotdogs and had s’mores for lunch.  Bonfires are not just for camping!  I will miss the ability to just be with my kids.  No set to-do list.  No clock running our schedule.  Just time to sit and listen and be.  And eat roasted marshmallows. 


6.  Nagging begins.  As mom’s stress level climbs, so does mom’s running of the mouth.  I like who I am better when we are all relaxed at home.  School days often start with Mom and Dad dragging kids out of their warm bed and out the door into the snowy freezer we call home.  Who does that and enjoys it?  Sick twisted people.  “Where is your homework?  Why isn’t it done?”  “JP, what is with this grade?”  “We are going to be late!!”  And all that comes with the pressure cooker of a school year, my favorite is the phone call, “Mom, I forgot my trumpet, can you bring it when you come to the concert, so I guess that means, can you come really early?”  or  “Mom, I need 5 different colored 2-pocket, hole punched, see-through plastic binders with fine-point sharpies and I need it all tomorrow.”  Son, it is 11:00 PM and I already took off my make-up.  Really?  But we go get it, because most likely, he mentioned it last week and I was too busy to let it sink in and do something about it.


7.  I get bored and maybe seasonally sad.  How?  I don’t have spare time.  Yes, I am spending my time doing all good things, but not too much about driving around, sitting in parking lots, and managing the family schedule feeds my soul.  Time spent with my kids?  Really – there isn’t much of that.  They are doing their own things – which is how it should be – and I am just the wheels and check-book that make it all happen.  Not much of “me-time” left in a day.

8.  Other kids get the best of me, and my own get what is left.  At the end of a trying school day, I am fried.  I muster up the energy to get them where they need to be but often, I can’t engage in what they are doing as much as I would like.  Or if I do want to talk to people, I would rather talk to adults because I haven’t had too many conversations with adults throughout the day.  I hate that sometimes I have to push my kids away a little to keep my sanity.  “Just give me a half hour of silence.”  or “Do we really need to talk right now, I just want to listen to the radio while my brain reactivates a few cells.”  Then…Bad Mommy Guilt sets in.  Then Mommy takes a vacation to a warm destination – but that is another topic.


Being a mom is a privilege.  I am really working hard to soak in everything and find great joy in each kid, which really isn’t hard when I am allowed to slow down and just watch them be themselves.  Crap, I love my kids!!!

Good-bye baggy sweats and tank-tops.  Hello, earrings and eye-liner.  Let’s do this thing.



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  2. Larisa J
    Aug 17, 2012 @ 20:09:16

    I’m actually sad that it’s almost time for the kids to go back to school. This summer went way too fast and our kids are growing up way to quickly. 😦


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