Cheaper Piepers

After spending the summer enjoying gluttony and overspending, the Pieper family will be working together to get our habits back under control.  We have a few ways we are going to attack this goal because I always like to dive head first into everything – it is all or nothing.  Knowing that about myself makes life much easier to comprehend.


So, first things first, we have to stop spending money like the US Government does.  If we don’t have it, we don’t spend it.  Period.  Even if we feel entitled.  I get frustrated that the government supports people who are living off the taxes we pay because they are too lazy to get a job that might be something they don’t want to do.  “Those of you who can need to buck up!!”  I say.  Go ahead and gasp about that statement and my cold heart.  On a smaller scale, I do the same thing on our own budget.  Just because I don’t feel like cooking doesn’t mean I don’t have to – we can’t afford to eat out as much as we have this summer.  Lastly, we have accumulated stuff we don’t use anymore.  Time to sell off.  Spend less, cook more, declutter!  We can do this!


We are trying to spend nothing unless it is because we NEED something.  This means that yes, we can buy milk, dairy, and fresh produce,  but pretty much everything else needs to be from our massive freezers full of food – yes, freezers that are so full we can barely close them.  I have spent a lot of time reading articles on Small Notebook for a Simple Home. There, the blogger challenges her readers to try a no-spend month.  I am all about this area of life because we need both get our finances under control and because I would like to once again feel content.  I read once, “If the stuff you have doesn’t make you happy, getting more stuff sure isn’t going to help.”  AMEN! (Except I don’t know how I long I can last without a good fry pan!)

20120809_122645_5995 20120809_215236_5996

So I am going to cook, and I am going to cook stuff we already have.  Tonight, I made pancakes and banana foster topping.  Ah, yeah!!  So healthy!  Curly put peanut butter on hers and then the banana stuff and was pretty much in heaven.  I had a pound a bacon in the freezer, but decided to save it for a bacon emergency.  I think coming up with a good meal is a piece of cake right now, but once all the good stuff is gone, well, I will blog about the nights we eat venison jerky, mixed veggies, and stewed tomatoes.  YUM!


For the third part of this goal, I asked the kids to think of things around the house that we could sell.  Within about 2 minutes, I had a pile of books and Xbox games sitting in my living room.  Well, that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but ok.  I am going to Craig’s List my way into our family vacation next summer!  Well, ok, Bill will Craig’s List, I will plan the vacation.  I am not sure what all we have left when it comes to ability to take all four kids off on summer adventures – I have a sinking feeling that JP will be joining the work force soon. 


What to do with all that time freed up by the inability to shop?  Goodbye, Bubblegum/Pepto room.  Curly is growing up!  Looks like I have pink and orange bedding to sell.


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