A Snapshot of our Lives this Summer

I haven’t blogged much.  In fact, I told Bill I was going to take down my blog, but he wasn’t all in favor of that.  I guess he kinda likes when I make fun of him on a public board.  I get that.  I am sarcastic at times.  He is used to that.

Sidenote:  I recently learned about a disorder I most definitely have: Misophonia.  I have to thank pinterest for that diagnosis because pinterest is where I get all my medical info.  Basically, don’t chew loudly around me, I don’t want to hear you breathe or manage your snot flow.  I don’t allow people to touch their feet around me or bite their nails.  And sit still! I can’t handle that stuff.  All of these listed things are things I give Bill crap about constantly.  Maybe the problem is me, no, that aint happening.

Summer has taken the last turn when we loop back toward the finish line.  I am so very very sad about this truth.  I LOVE being around my kids more than anything in the whole wide world.  I just love who they are.  Family time is precious and limited and the kids just keep growing up way too quickly and my mom heart is sad, wait, sad isn’t strong enough, despondent sounds more accurate, about the fact that they will grow up and move out and within a very short time period, I will be done with having kids in my home.  All you older moms out there who are rolling your eyes because, “just wait, they will move back,”  just suck it up because I am hoping I have done my job well enough so after college, not a single one moves back in with me.  Mostly because I want a craft room and new carpet.  (I used to craft, now I taxi.)

We have been busy.  Between camps and mini-vacations, daily life here has been great.


JP is learning how to grill because I told him his future wife will really appreciate me all the more if he is a master of the grill.  He has mastered mowing lawns, mowing two of them for spending money (which mostly buys tomahawks and Coke) and during our trip to Target Field, where he mostly sat in awe over the perfect turf, we determined his future career will be Turf Manager Elite at Target Field some day.   He is mini Bill is spooky ways – the latest being that his depth perception is off because his eyes aren’t working together – to which I literally sat in the doctor’s office and replied, “Holy crap, little Bill!”  He is finishing up the last requirements to earn his Eagle Scout, and has signed up to run a half-marathon with Bill late this fall – yes, after Cross Country is over. And two more words about his summer:  Poison Ivy!


Princess is the work horse around here.  If I need something done, she is the one who pops up and accomplishes the task.  If I leave a to-do list, chances are pretty good that she crosses 75% of the tasks off.  She still hangs out with neighborhood girls, but often is found in her room cleaning under her bed, or arranging her closet; although I am not sure she accomplishes anything because her room is a MESS!  She is easily brought to tears –  she is the one child who was in tears when I dropped them off at band camp, but when I picked them up, she had the most new friends.  She is sweetness and dingbat rolled up into a very caring beautiful young lady.  I tell her often that for a very smart girl, she sure can be stupid and we giggle.  (See, in our family, my kids have a mother who is really sarcastic and makes fun of everyone and every situation, so they are used to it and they dish right back.)  She is a treasure!!


Curly, oh man, this girl is so freaking funny!!!  The stuff that just flows from her mouth is over the top.  Her commentary is a constant river of hilariousness.  Somehow, she also forgets nothing so she can pull little forgotten tidbits and place them perfectly into a conversation.  She takes great joy in the obscure things of life.  To be important to her, an object must taste just right, feel just right, smell just right, and be the right color.  Quirky?  Yes.  Spunky.  On our vacation to Oregon, she laid down the law:  every day must include ice cream.  We obliged and some days, she ate it from breakfast right through late night dessert.  Flying on an airplane was pretty much delightful – small space, well-organized with a flip down desk, drinks served to her, forced to read or watch her kindle – yep, she was thrilled.


Crazy Man is his typical crazy self.  He has learned how to build all sorts of things thanks to YouTube.  So far, most of those innocent things have been out of paper.  Boomerangs, crossbows that shoot pencils, and blow darts have been found in his hands or in his walls.  It is safe to say that he can build pretty much anything, so our task is to keep positive things in his arsenal so he continues to build things that will benefit mankind.   He is also quite an entrepreneur…at times, he has 2 or 3 business ideas floating around in his head: making and selling bird feeders, making and selling fishing jigs, making and selling bracelets.  If he can make something, he is not afraid to market it to neighbors (if we let him.)   He has fallen totally in love with fishing.  In fact, during many trips to the lake this summer, he chose to fish rather than tube.  So, he also learned how to bread fish and will soon learn to fry it so he can eat it whenever he wants.

So, to the best story of the summer that shows what kinds of kids I have and why I don’t ever ever want them to grow up.

In the van one day during one of our bazillion trips to and from somewhere we had a conversation about Schwans.  I explained to the kids about when they were little and we lived at our old home, the Schwans man would come every other week and dad and I would order two blocks of ice cream and then he could come back and we would order the same thing and how we became addicted to Banana Fudge Ripple and loved that stuff.  When we moved out here, we cut ties with the Schwans man because it wasn’t food that was good for us and I am a sucker and cant say no and because it is kinda expensive ice cream.

Fast forward to the Friday before Father’s Day.  The kids were so excited to give Bill his father’s day present.  Up they came from the basement with grins from ear to ear.  And in a gift bag was……drum roll……


HAHAHAHAHA!!  How did they pull that off?  Well, Crazy Man saw the Schwans truck so he chased it down.  They pooled their money and got the closest thing to Banana Fudge Ripple that they carry now, since it has been 10 years.  But this was the best part, “Don’t worry mom, I told him to never come back to our house again!”

Ah, I love these kids that call me mom!!!


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